Blog update: P-47 "MAJ MAC"

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Wily, Apr 25, 2009.

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    bf109 -

    Thank you - interesting...if I lived in Europe there's no doubt I'd want to tag along, too!
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    Well, I took the .pps down and changed it into an html presentation.

    Hope you still like it. :)

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    That's a great story! These veterans can't be given enough credit for their service and sacrifice. I think your effort in recreating this aircraft is a wonderful tribute to this one pilot.

    I sure hope you decide to publish your interviews and stories for history's sake. These guys won't be around forever, and their stories are PRICELESS. Thanks to you for researching, documenting and sharing with us! :thumb:

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    Kenlwest -

    Thank you for the encouragement. Fortunately, I have a great deal of information at hand - I probably have a 300 page book out of all that's here. I'm working on getting an agent.

    In the meantime, hope you don't mind me asking that you forward the blog on to whomever you think would find it worthwhile. The perspective on Life from guys who've faced death and have no gain by talking bullsh*t is what makes their stories so priceless to me. These men now have 60+ years in which to process their combat and post-war experience...for me, to use the current vernacular, "it's huge."

    Anyway, thank you again for the kind words.
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    The behind the scenes of Maj Mac was very well done and even more interesting. You have never explained if this is your profession or avocation. Either way, I am looking forward to the book.

    You might consider breaking it down into a series which would make it more affordable. Also, don't forget the that there are still Korean, Vietnam, and Desert Storm stories to be told!

    If you are looking for an agent, allow me to suggest Specialty Press, which handles a number of aviation related topics. I used to have an "in" there. If you are interested, I can see if they still know me. That may be of some help.
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    cd -

    I'm a hack. :) Profession? No. Avocation? Hmmm - that's dignifying the inconveniences I've caused my family...but that'll do. :)

    Checked out the publisher you recommended - I've heard of them! Esteemed in the arena of technical and scholarly stuff, that's for sure. Do you think they'd be suited for my more relational style?

    Nevertheless, I am grateful for your attention and encouragement. We'll see how it develops.

    "History" is wonderful stuff. The past helps us prepare for the present...but the present never quite gets repeated entirely; just enough incremental nudges and quirks to keep us having to use our brain.

    Yet, the irony of studying history is that for anything real to change, we have to evolve to the point where we trust history more than what we do.

    And so, time to get back to the Lockheed F-94 - surely an unspectacular looking airplane, but it marked the point in history where Systems & Processes began to outweigh Tactics and Skill in air-to-air combat.
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    Wily, give them a call. Tell them a friend suggested them to you and mention my name, which may or may not help depending on whether they remember me. It has been awhile. My relationship with them was good. They knew me as Chuck Davenport, then of the International Plastic Modeler's Society/USA Branch and currently staff columnist for Hobby Merchandiser magazine. I hope this helps.

    They will best decide whether your style fits their product lineup. If that does not pan out, I have another recommendation, Schiffer Publications, but I have no contacts there.

    Let me know of your progress. Getting paid for your work would greatly justify the "suffering" you have inflicted on your family. I know my wife smiles when money comes in the door from my little ventures.

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    maybe you should contact pen and sword they publish a lot of books on stories from aviators .shiffer is one of the biggest outthere but publish more on 1 sort of plane or 1 aviator , 1 sqdr etc
    I will ask my collegue for some suggestions he knows lots of publishers , its our busnis:thumb:

    we probably want a few:mrgreen:
    let you know:wave:
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    bf109 -

    I will certainly look into your suggestions - thank you.

    FYI - I'm interviewing a Corsair pilot from VMF-311...there was a moment in time when the Marines were being considered for an attack on the European submarine pens in Brest, then as part of a specialized campaign against European hedgerows! Needless to say, someone said, "Uh. No."
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    my collegue also said pen and sword or an other small publisher( schiffer is to big and mostly doesn't publish books with stories from a "new"writer ) and to make it into a book not only with stories but also doc's , ref. and of course photo's to go with the stories
    so if you have some spare time go for it
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    Not sure of where you got your info about Schiffer, but it's dead wrong. I know the owner and he is always on the lookout for something new and fresh, Whether or not Wily's work meets Schiffer's criteria I cannot say. It remains for Wily to submit his work for consideration.
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    its good to here that :thumb:. let me refraise (? ) the question then (because speaking english is easier then writting it so i sometimes go for the easy explanation :oops: ) shiffer have a higher criteria and standaard for these kind of books then a smaller publisher like pen and sword .
    but i think we both agree that atleast willy should try to write it and get it published :wave:
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    I will contact both publishers. Yet...I am afraid my desire is to produce a history book with a greater emphasis on inspiration. Perhaps I'm overreaching...?

    Pen&Sword and Schiffer are outstanding publishers of history, to be sure, yet I think they may be too Academic and Scholarly for my work...We'll see.

    My next "chapter" is of a pilot who was shot down (twice) in the CBI, having to, as they say, "walk out" on his own.

    The particular incident I'm writing about is when his P-51A was brought down 50 miles from his base - not by enemy fire, but by an ill-timed skip bomb that sent fragments of metal into his cooling system.

    If you know anything about Burma in 1944, 50 miles from anywhere was 50 miles from no where...and I have the letters to his mom about the incident (and combat in general). The pilot's story isn't so much harrowing as it is fascinating in the detail of being alive at the time.

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