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    I've had this happen several times for different web sites. A technician at Dell gave me the following advice and it worked. Do a "search" or "find" for files names HOSTS. There usually is one in the Windows folder. Open the folder(s) with Notepad or Wordpad and scan down the list until you find the IP for the Gauge. Put a pound sign in front of the entry and save the file. That should clear up the block. Sometimes there are multiple HOST files so the treatment has to be applied in each one. I think the problem is that there is a bad IP in there for the site in question. Hope this helps. ...Tom
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    I was getting the error you displayed, yesterday. I basicly assumed that the gauge server had nodded off, and would be back later. No problem getting in today.
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    It looks like everything is back to normal for me again.
    Thanks once again for all the help.

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