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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by belg, Dec 24, 2003.

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    Why would someone install block control in a runaround loop? I was looking at MRR basic wiring book and they show blocks cut into thier loops. :confused:
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    It could be to allow you to pass trains or to hold a locomotive. If the loop is long enough to be a passing siding, you can pull a train in one way and pass it with a train going the other way.
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    Belg, I even installed block switches for my underground layover yard, although I'm running DCC.

    When a train is 'parked' there, I kill the power to that track on the control panel. This way nobody can start a train unintentionally and stage an underground cornfield meet! :eek:


    The switches control the power to the tracks. The siding at the bottom left is controlled by its turnout. And the pushbuttons line up all the turnouts for that track.

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    The main reason I'be heard is that 2 trains running on the same loop will run at different speeds. The "Block" lets you slow the faster one down so it won't catch up to the other one.

    The second reason is 60103 said - to hold a train at a station or other place.

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