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  1. CRed

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    About a couple feet of snow along with 50mph+ winds here.We had white out conditions all day yesterday,but of course the kids loved getting a couple extra days off school.

  2. joesho

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    good ol timmy

    yup tim hortons, always reliable:wave: :thumb: :D sign1 :rolleyes:
  3. RobertInOntario

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    Yes, we also had high winds & whiteouts last night too but we only got about 4-5" of new snow in Toronto. So far, this is quite an adventure for our kids too (i.e., going around the house with flashlights because there's no power, no school, lots of snow, etc.)! Rob
  4. b28_82

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    Yeah so i woke up yesterday morning and the power was still on, yeay. I checked the road conditions and they were still either travel not advised or closed. Basically the whole northwest side of Iowa was in the red (travel not advised) for more than 24 hrs. Yesterday it wasnt because of snow falling but snow drifting and whiteout conditions. I tried calling work a couple times but didnt hear the answering machine system pick up so i figured the power was out so i decided the roads werent good enough anyway. Unfortunately someone came by to bring me to work:rolleyes: So we spent all morning digging out 4' snow drifts to the equipment and other walkways. Also made a 30 minute drive north and east to help shovel someone out of their driveway. About halfway up we noticed a Scion ((box on wheels) license plate LCHBOX) was stuck in the middle of the road. As we got up to it, a couple guys on a 4 wheeler came up to dig it out with a metal ramp piece. We decided to help since the guy i was riding with had a 4wd truck. The afternoon was spent calling everyone in the unit to say we weren't working this weekend. We were under a blizzard warning from 9am thurs - 6am this morning. So needless to say it has been an interesting couple of days.
  5. Cannonball

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    We woke up t about half an inch of snow on the ground this morning.
    Now it's gone. It's only 26 degrees out there so I'm guessing this God awful wind got it.
  6. LocoIndy76

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    We got about a half inch overnight here as well, but it is now all gone... It has been "flurrying" all day, but to windy to stick! The wind here has been BRUTAL for 2 days! I drive a flatbed so strapping down has been a real interesting task!!!!! Nothing like throwing a strap and having it come flying back in you face! :curse: It's still better than the last few weeks.... Finally all the snow is gone... I had about 12-15" in the yard and 3-4' piles along the drive and road.....
  7. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    I honestly want to go out in a long overcoat and see if I can get myself airborne.

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