Blasitng off from FLORIDA!

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by scudbusted, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. scudbusted

    scudbusted loopy lurker


    HI ya'll! My name is Eric!

    I had- well still have a website
    I mostly designed flying model rockets from cardstaock, but have, nad am branching out in to other things. I have a series of various SCUD missles I'm working on right now. I have 2 completed, plus a personal version of my idea of one. :) I brought em with me over to this side of thehobby house- the rocket folks don't seem to understand making a flying model form paper. Yes you can launch these. I'll have to get some pics up. Everything I do is free now- business with rocket folk was too exhausting! Anyway!..
    I just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself!:)
  2. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    We're generally not that high minded around here..., paper rockets blasting off for the wild blue yonder! Wow! that's way cool. Welcome aboard and post some pictures as soon as possible.

    Best regards, Gil
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