Blackadder's Lucius Pattern Warhound Titan

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    Initially I was going to use the ubiquitous .pdf plans but without the 'shoe box on a stick' toes and a more accurate carapace and head albeit made of polystyrene. When I saw how poorly the legs looked with the small knee joints compared to the original I thought I could do better because I knew I wouldn't be satisfied with such a compromise. once I arrived at a way to articular the legs I was committed.

    The manic obsessive Blackadder
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    After many months of procrastinating I have bitten the bullet as it were and commenced aging weathering and otherwise s--ting up Lucie so she doesn't look so new and clean. I studied a lot of weathering techniques and some of them are quite involved. Layers of this and that paint and wash and fixative and most of them I would have quit before the fifth or sixth coat. Having actually served in a combat zone I have first hand knowledge of what military vehicles look like in battlefield conditions and usually they're just grimy and battered. Now I didn't pour my heart and soul into building Lucie just to inflict battle damage unto her but I did attempt to add some filth and this is the result.

    I used my old standby that I used on model railroad rolling stock i.e. Graphite scrapped from a soft lead pencil and automotive windshield washer fluid. I added some Tin Bitz just to keep the FW flavor. I liberally spread the mixture on with a wide flat fine haired brush until the whole thing looked like a disgusting mess. Then before the fluid dried I brushed the whole area with a soft tooth brush until the fluid evaporated. If it doesn't come out to your expectations, slather on some more wiper fluid. The beauty of this technique is you can change it if you don't like the result.

    Below is the initial result and I can't say I'm displeased with the outcome but the pictures are a bit more coppery than the actual model. I pictured the megabolter along side of the aged and weathered turbolaser for comparison and the greaves and waste /hip armour is also done but not to the degree that the lascannon is. I can't decide which I prefer.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    These came out satisfactory so tomorrow I'll apply the same technique to the rest of the model.

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    That looks fantastic. Turned out really well. I still can't believe how you made this.
    And what a neat mixture you used.
    Keep up the great posts.
  4. Blackadder

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    I really feel I've been procrastinating letting this go for a few months but I couldn't bring myself to administer paint until I had psyched myself up to the task. This wasn't the time to rush into as it could only be done once. I experimented with a lot of weathering techniques, some very complex and for the life of me I can't say I see any benefit to a lot of steps especially using "fixative" and "clearcoats". Mainly they just make the paint look too thick and obliterate the fine detail. On a small figure that may be okay but since I omitted a lot of detail on Lucie as it is I didn't think I could afford to diminish what there was of it.

    Lucie has a uniform base coat of gray automotive sandable primer, a coat of white primer on the head, and body armour because I made a mistake and needed a lighter base coat for the yellow bits. I used Testors flat yellow with an airbrush to paint the head and body armour.

    The legs and feet were gray primer with a wash of graphite (shaved pencil lead), washer fluid and "tinbitz" after which I rubbed in some copper powder for highlights.

    I did solicit ideas for colouring suggestions but of all the iterations of the Lucius Warhound schemes I always preferred this one and I'd be damned if I was just going to go with shades of gray as my unimaginative gut feelings dictated.

    Thank God I didn't have to decide on a Mars pattern theme; there isn't one scheme that I like. If I ever build a Mars Warhound I may use the same yellow and blue-gray motif, wouldn't that be awesome?

    Anyway the reason for this post:

    More images and damn me if she still doesn't looks too blue in the flash pictures. I antiqued her last night; took some photos early this morning 4:00 AM and rushed to post them. I used a wash of Citadel "gunmetal", powdered graphite and windshield washer fluid to thin the paint, smeared it on and worked it in with a toothbrush, stiff bristle 1/2" flat and a fan blender for the hard to reach places. The hull under the carapace looks a bit too gray but that should be amendable with some Windex and or washer fluid. This technique (For want of a better term) has quickness going for it at least; I had the whole carapace and hull done in less than an hour.

    [​IMG] Natural lighting doesn't cut it.

    [​IMG]She's not really as blue as the flash images portray.

    [​IMG]Lucie in a defensive posture.

    [​IMG]Lucie hunkering down in attack mode

    [​IMG]A bird's eye view of pure malevolence.

    [​IMG]Gee I dropped my battle banner.

    [​IMG]Not the best position for an adversary to be in.

    [​IMG]Look no flash!

    [​IMG]My favorite view of Lucie sez the arseman Blackadder.

    [​IMG]The shield projectors and exhausts were then washed with "tinbits" and washer fluid. I've gotta rework the exhaust soot stains.

    God help me I have done the deed,

    The Blackadder
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    At long last I have installed the power cables to the underside of the head, er cockpit, er command deck. I wanted to keep the head removable for repair and modification and I stumbled on the idea to make the power cables plug in so they can be disconnected regularly.

    I took advantage of the 'Evergreen' tubing telescoping properties and built up some male plugs to fit into the sockets previously fabricated soooo long ago although at the time I had no inkling of what I would even use for power conduit (which was so graciously donated by Jabba ka Hutt) and are the only truly FW items on Lucie. The rubber cable lent itself well to drilling with a fine pin drill bit and subsequently a 1/16th inch drill bit. I cyan-acitate glued 1/16th rod into the hole and added the appropriate sleeves to build the plug into a snug fitting end to fit into the connecting sleeve.

    After waiting for the glue to dry I actually went on a customer call whilst I was waiting; below is the result.

    Fully detachable conduits with very little evidence that they can be disconnected.

    Man if I could only work this fast full time I could build dozens of these puppies.

    The indolent Blackadder

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    As a styrene modeller myself (presently learning about paper craft before trying it for real) and having just found this thread I have to say, excellent stuff! This is a superb model, tons of detailing and parts that work. Quite made my day, finding this thread!

    I've built or am building 3 articulated models, all large-ish scale and all in styrene (and whatever else works). I've been looking into Warhammer stuff the last 2 weeks or so, mainly because I love the details such as the banners and logos, all the big bolts and knobbly bits, as well as the stylish paint jobs. I've got the paper craft print-off of the war-hound (?) but the one I really want to have a go at is the Dreadnought. Both are going to be made with paper/card first (maybe ;-) )but the dreadnought is already scaled up to 1/8 and going to be in styrene.

    You must be really pleased with how this has turned out. Really good thread and interesting to read through. Thanks for showing your build. :thumb::thumb:
  7. Blackadder

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    I am interested in your articulated models for the effort that goes into making joints that move is one of the primary reasons for not shelling out an outrageous amount of sheckles for a production piece. (That and a obsessive degree of parsimony.)

    I appreciate the extra time devoted to your lengthy discourse but an image or two would also have been appreciated.

    Thanks for the reply,

    The Blackadder

    BTW, a word or two of caution; I had access to the paper templates of the Warhound and found them wanting to the nth degree. I would use those plans for scale and relative sizing and nothing more; unless you prefer your Warhound to have shoe-boxes for toes ;)

    The incorrigible Blackadder


    Lucie was a labor I would not voluntarily enter into again. While I am decidedly please with the outcome the build was too labor intensive to repeat.

    My next project shall be a Warlord Titan on the order of Dave Smith's monumental effort which surprisingly will require significantly less design and construction effort in spite of the incredible size. It too will be fully articulated and is well into the primary building stage as I type this.

    The glutton for punishment Blackadder
  8. Noddy4000

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    Sorry for not including any images, Blackadder. My first effort at a fully articulated model was a 1/6 scale Aliens Power Loader which I did...oooh about 17 years ago. I didn't take any pics of it at the time and it got trashed not long after I finished it by an obliging heating installation expert who threw a box on top of it. 11 months of work down the pan. :cry: Looked good too.

    The two more recent efforts are a partially articulated 'alternative armour' competition entry for the sci fi forum, sfm:uk. The idea was to come up with a tank design that was out of the ordinary, so I butchered a vacuum cleaner to the cause. Hopefully these links will work:
    It's still a work in progress unfortunately, as is most of what I'm doing due to long term ill health. I tend to work in short bursts then spend ages feeling like death warmed up. :roll:
    The project I'm presently deeply involved with (and which is my favourite build so far) is a 'Ma.K AFS' build, an armoured fighting suit as imagined by the Japanese creator, Kow Yokoyama (
    It's still got an immense amount of work to be done on it yet, including lighting for the interior, exterior details, finishing the hand and making latex flexi covers to cover the articulated arm/leg joints. Tons of final shaping with epoxy to do as well.

    The ankles are ball and socket, with compression supplying the required friction or stiffness to the joint using thermo plastic for the captive top half of the sockets.
    The elbows, hips and waist and right wrist joints are also ball and socket; the shoulder joints are three-way articulated joints also using thermoplastic. The knees are good old nut and bolt jobs supplying compression to a two part pvc pipe joint. It's all a bit Heath Robinson I admit but it works and I'm learning loads from it to use for the next project.

    Thank you for the heads-up on the Warhound info, I will tread with due caution when I get to it!
    Looking forward very much to seeing your next build.
  9. Blackadder

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    Let me state that Lucie looks fantastic with her gen-u-wine FW accoutrements and I am forever in the debt of a generous contribution for one of my readers.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    In natural light where the true colour of the carapace is evident. She's not at all as blue as the flash would indicate.

    Lucie suffered some battle damage last month and broke a middle toe on her right foot. Repairing her was difficult as I still wanted the toe to function. I'm happy to report the repair went very well and Lucie is still ambulatory with nary a sign that the repair was made thanks to 'METALSET A4' Military Grade Epoxy Resin Cement. Lucie could not have been manufactured as she is without this stuff.

  10. Noddy4000

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    Hi there Blackadder,
    just a quick note to say I did post a reply to you the other day, and included some images of the stuff I'm working on. I can only assume the image source was not the right one or I haven't yet met a certain criteria to be able to post such. I'll try again, after some more perusing of the How To section.

  11. Blackadder

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    The statement about not receiving replies was in error. I copied and pasted from another forum which was what that statement referred to and neglected to proof read my response.

    Blackadder regrets the error. :)

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