Blackadder's Lucius Pattern Warhound Titan

Discussion in 'Gaming & Toys' started by Blackadder, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Blackadder

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    I'm really over my head on this one. Scale will make or break this model and I can't get any decent leg measurements from photos.

    I'm trying a different approach as I think the titan will be too top heavy if I make it all from plastic and resin. I'll begin with a basic hull shape as thats what I'm most sure of as far as scale. I've put about a week of evenings into this so far and I'm about to start on the head.

    I'm using foam filled poster board 5mm and 13mm thick which works very well and will give me the upper body lightness I'll be needing for stability. The body will be covered with sheet styrene after I get all the proportions right.

    I'm thinking 1" pine square stock for the leg segments and dowels for the round joints but that may be to massive when covered with styrene.

    The Blackadder

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  2. Blackadder

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    I put a few more hours in last week and this is how the model stands at the moment.


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  3. Blackadder

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    My calculations based on the FW assembly instructions give me give me slightly over 1 inch square leg segments in cross section with each leg piece approx. 3 inches long. Anyhow below is the work of the previous day and I am rather pleased at the outcome if the scale is correct.


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  4. Lord Manimal

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    Someday if I get my post count high enough, I can show your a finished one behind me. I did it entirely with paper, down to the pistons, except for a couple of Popsicle sticks for stability here and there. Don't give up on this one; the pattern is rock solid.

    For detailing, if you happen to know anyone with spare GW Vindicator bits, the "vents" that come with that kit, are perfect; you'll see what I mean when you get a bit further.

    Also, if you do it with straight paper, you can do the entire thing in about two nights after work. Foamcore is completely un-necessary, using say, couger opaque index stock.
  5. Blackadder

    Blackadder Member

    Wow, I'd forgotten about this thread. Thanks for the reply. I actually have gotten very far along on this model since the last post and it's going to take a lot of effort to bring this thread up to the present.

    Perhaps I should show the model as it is today so people can see the goal I was working for. I made this model entirely out of plasticard and PVC tubing with a foamboard core to save weight and expensive material. The legs, waist, feet, toes and hips are fully poseable and the body swivels on the waist. The head and neck are likewise fully moveable; left to right and up and down.

    Well enough chat; here's the model as it is today. I am working on the guns right now.


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  6. Lord Manimal

    Lord Manimal Member

    Wow, that is far more detailed than my own! Very impressive! My chapter is a self created one, that prides themselves on their austerity and their presentability, so I've removed nearly all ornamentation, extra rivets etc from my units. I was always partial to the warrior monk story, so my chapter reflects that heavily. The only bits I've added in addition to the basic plans are the "turbine" hatch covers that come with the Vindicator kits; even my pistons are basic joins. In a weird sort of way, it works, although if I had to do it again, I'd probably just ultramarine the army; makes life easier. lol

    Keep up the incredible work!
  7. AoM

    AoM New Member

    Damn! That's so sick.
  8. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    Just looking at the pic, it looks like an unpainted styrene kit. Phenomenal work for a kitbash/custom.
  9. Blackadder

    Blackadder Member

    Thanks, it's very gratifing to receive so many replies. I don't usually visit a forum unless I get an email notification of response and this one fell by the wayside until Manimal answered. I'd like to offer a step by step build of this project and incidentally it's not a kit bash but a total scratchbuild. There is not a single item or part that came from a kit. Everything was hand crafted.

    Here's a few front view images to whet your appetite before I go into the tedium of presenting the building of this monster.

    And some back views:

    Again thanks for responding,

    E. Blackadder

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  10. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    Even more incredible then! I would never have guessed 100% scratch. Am I mistaken in the shot angle, or did you design the top section to move laterally?
  11. Blackadder

    Blackadder Member

    Everything moves or at least is poseable; head, neck joint, waist, hips, knee joints, ankle joints, hip sockets, foot pad sockets. The socket spheres are such a close tolerance fit that they pop when removed from their sockets each individual toe has two moveable joints and three telescoping cylinders/pistons. All the pistons move in their cylinders and the piston and cylinder ends are mounted in gimbals so they move and telescope when the figure is posed.

    It took a great deal of designing to make all these parts to work and also keep the scale. Thank god for 'Evergreen' styrene plastic building material.

    I intend to show how all this can be done.

  12. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    I would love to see a tutorial on the subject. Evergreen Scale models is a modeler's best friend. Easy to work with, and in such a variety it can be used for nearly any stryene project.
  13. Blackadder

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    I was none to gently apprised that the legs were not robust enough and I hastenly scraped the leg work and rebuilt them in a grander scale. These seemed to fit the bill and I proceeded with the over all build. The folloeing pictures I call:

    "Then a Miracle Happened"

    as I have no intervening photographs! LOL


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  14. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    Very slick design, both on the hips and legs. I've never tried anything close to that scale, but I have a grand fondness for models that move and pose. I hate static models.



    love to see the design for the ball joints.
  16. Blackadder

    Blackadder Member

    I don't have a discription of the hip and ankle joints per se but here are the manufacturing instructions for the mega bolter joint. It's exactly the same procedure:

    Don't know why I put off installing the gimball. It really is quite simple.

    First you cut, chop bore, carve, or blast a hole larger than the rotator sphere.

    stuff paper, kleenex, or whatever into the void so you don't waste too much epoxy.

    mix up enough epoxy to fill the hole.

    smear a light coat of vasoline or wax onto the sphere.

    Insert the sphere slightly more than half way into the epoxy. a rim of epoxy will push out around the sphere. don't wipe it off or disturb it; you'll just make a mess.

    Allow the epoxy to set for a few hours. I use epoxy that hardens in 24 hours but after a few hours it is hard enough to handle.

    I use an exacto chisel to remove the rim of epoxy from the ball. The epoxy at this stage comes away readily from the plasticard with no residue. you can even flick it off with your fingernail.

    At this point it's good to note that I have threaded an 8-32 screw into the ball.

    Grabbing the screw with a set of pliers; the ball should come out with a satisfying 'pop'.

    Voila one fully articulated gimbal,


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  17. Blackadder

    Blackadder Member

    The neck I attempted from a different angle:

    First of all I bored a huge gaping hole in the front wall of the hull and routed it out as big as I could to accommodate the neck gimbal mechanism. I wanted to be able to move the head in all directions!!! Why you say? because the FW model can't says I, LOL

    Then I found a discarded paint roller and used that as the sleeve for the neck gimbal

    A 1.25 inch wooden drawer pull knob provided the orbit sphere and a 1.0 inch pvc 'Tee' fitting provided the housing for the gimbal joint. I carved down some 1.0 inch pvc tubing to make some races for the sphere to ride in and voila a fully articulated head that can be adapted to a FW Warhound if you're willing to sacrifice the interior detail.


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  18. Blackadder

    Blackadder Member

    Man I am mired in work and have not been able to devote a lot of time to this project. Here's the bolter as it stands today. You will note the lack of detail on the appendage empennage (Look it up.) I can't find any images on what it's supposed to look like. Mayhaps some kind soul would regale us with a timely image of the butt end of the bolter and the ammo caissons as well ??? I hope

    The hat in hand Blackadd

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  19. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    WOW. Incredible detail! That's alotta hours there... :p
  20. Testostrogen

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    Thats Awesome Guys!

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