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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by patriot missile, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. i remember seeing a card model of a russian black jack bomber on a site a while ago, but i never saved the site i found it at :( does anyone know who released it and where it can be found :) it would be cool to have that sitting next to my B-1B :wink: :wink: 8)
  2. AT

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  3. dwgannon

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  4. yup thats the puppy :wink: guess i better save my pennies for it :lol: its one of them must have babies 8) 8) :wink:
  5. Boris

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    Man , TU-160 Blackjack is a very big model, I'd say too big, something like 1.7 meters in length
    Where are you going to put it?
  6. NYC Irish

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    I dunno Id just scan the B1-b and edit about 20% and then there you go you have a Black Jack.....

    Well it worked for the Russians it shoudl work for us???

    John John
  7. Bestia

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  8. jrts

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    Hi Boris

    No such thing as a card model beng to big :twisted: :lol: :lol:

    Bigger the better for me.
    Planes on my must build list: -
    Lancaster 1/33
    Herc 1/33
    B-52 1/33
    B-17 1/33 and a lot of others, worry about the space once you have built them :lol:

    More big models please designers

    Have fun

  9. Bowdenja

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    I'm with you Rob!

    I wish 1/33 was the standard..............but I guess Leif would opt for 1/16!!

  10. dwgannon

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    After doing some research editing the B-1B would not do the trick. The Black Jack was bigger than the B-1 by quite a bit. So at 1/33 scale it would be bigger than the B-1B that I have. But it will go into the i'll kick my self later. Just can't break down and justify the buy.
  11. Bowdenja

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    Hey...........on the lighter could just wait.

    The way Nobi and Roman are cranking out great models you just might get lucky and one of them will take up the challenge and create a new one! :D

    We can always hope! :D
  12. dimas Karabas

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  13. dwgannon

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    Price works out to $17.50, even with postage I think it's a better deal.
  14. NYC Irish

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    I was actually jusy taking the piss out of the Blackjack's designers....The Irish Sarcasm didnt come through too well...

    John John
  15. KushanFarsight

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    apart from the blatent visual similarites, the two aircraft, B-1 and TU-160, are totally different. i remember it ending up as quite a heated argument on another site lol!

    is there a TU-22 or Tu-22m model around?


  16. NYC Irish

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    I have tried to contact the complany listed above...anyone get a reply as I have had no luck...

    John John
  17. dwgannon

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    I have sent an e-mail also. If they contact me I will let them know that more of us are interested. I might as well see what it's going to cost me and just buy it.
  18. popala

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    Hobby Model #50: Tupolev Tu-22M3 Backfire C
    It is just old enough that is going to be expensive and hard to find....

  19. Jim Krauzlis

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  20. NYC Irish

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    Any hints r tips to getting one??

    John John

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