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    The Battleship Bismarck [​IMG]

    I have set down a few rules to help keep me on track.

    1) This boat designs will be in the region off 400mm in length for a large ship, around 1:600 scale.

    2) Detail will be kept to a minimum. Main guns and secondary armament to be modeled. Other items to be flat packed or textured to model.

    3) No modeling below water line.

    4) Colours and textures to be fairly simple for the standard build option.

    5) Deluxe build option to include improved colour and textures to show weathering etc. Also some additional detail to be added for those who like small parts.

    Images of the start of this project to follow.

    Cheers JTF
  2. JT Fox

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    Creating The Hull.

    Firstly I created the shape of the deck from a plan view of the ship, this was aligned with the deck height. The deck was mirrored, creating the hull base. This was aligned with the ships water line, (my estimate of the water line that is).

    The hull base was scaled down by a few percent and reshaped at the front and after area. I then created the hull sided by creating new faces between the deck and the hull base. The deck is then removed to leave the hull base and two sides. These objects are merged and vertices joined.

    Hull formers have also been added to help during the build process.

    Hull Texture.

    As the drawings I am using for this design are copyright I have decided to to make my own. I have done this using Photoshop.

    I first load the original drawing and then create a new layer above. On this new layer I trace out the outline and major feature in black. I then created new layers for the colours. Finally the original drawing is removed and my layers are merged and saved as bmp for use in Meta as a texture.


    Cheers JTF
  3. JT Fox

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    The main deck has now been added.


    Cheers JTF
  4. Nothing

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    have you figured your formers for paper width? if so how did you go about it?

    looking good:)
  5. looking good JT really nice to see this in paper also to nothing if youre talking about what i thnk you mean then i think you just use a single face form the primitives thats what i done for my rifle and pep just give me and outline of the shape if thats what you mean anyhow? looking really good thogh JT my grandfather is currenly doing the magazine version we get here in the UK
  6. JT Fox

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    A great question. It's got me thinking.wall1

    Starship builder, have you got a link to the home page of the magazine?

    Good luck to your grandfather. Tell him not to drop it.:thumb:

    Cheers JTF
  7. not sure ill have a look. i also know the people that did it made the titanic model to it was three fet long

    Edit i found a link to a person who is building the magazine kit it has a link to the website wer it comes from but asks for a password hope it helps if youre intrested in it im sure you could contact your newsagent for them to order it. also the site her link to a week by week build should be intresting
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    I'm building the Bismarck from that site and I'm a member on the forum. Mark the forum owner is a member on here, as is nemesis. Great guys over there, bit crazy though.

    I have the Halsinki 1/200 card model, looks like a hell of a task to build it.

    JTF, this looks good and I would be interested in building it.
  9. JT Fox

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    Thanks for the link Starship Builder. That is a fantastic looking build.

    Thanks for the kind words paulhbell. I have a few 1/300 scale models and they look great but just to big and to many parts for me. That's why I'm try to created something on a smaller scale.

    First deck level should be ready soon.

    Cheers JTF
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    With regard to the formers the two option are, test build and cut or measure and adjust in 3D.

    The 3D option is not the best when planning a PDF download version. The print out the will not always be the same paper size as the designer so the formers may be the wrong size.

    The test and cut option will work best for the above reasons.

    During the build the formers will be effected by the flap set up. If the flaps are on the hull base and main deck the former height will have to be trimmed to allow for the thickness of the hull base and main deck. If the flaps are on the hull side then the width will be effected.

    Hope that makes some sencesign1
    A bit slow but I have now started on the Forward Superstructure.

    The shape of the "Upper Deck" was simple to get. I think the next deck levels will be harder due to overlapping.

    Cheers JTF

  11. Nothing

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    looking good. keep at it!:)
  12. aaronlam

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    Good job. Keep going!!
  13. JT Fox

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    I'm working on the forward superstructure at the moment and it's coming along very nicely. When the textures are done for this area I'll post an update.

    Cheers JTF
  14. JT Fox

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    Two more decks added to the forward superstructure.

    I have to say I'm pleased with the progress to date. No complicated parts which keeps to the design target.

    What's the view on test building, start test building during design or wait to the end?

    Cheers JTF



  15. JT Fox

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    The forward superstructure design has been completed. The textures need to be completed before I move to the after structure.

    Cheers JTF

  16. Nothing

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    lookin great! personally i wait till thie whole thing is complete before i test build.
  17. kooklik

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    Nice job
    Bismarck is one on my fav subject. Wait to see the next.
  18. JT Fox

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    I've thought I'd have a go at test building the hull.

    I've learned a few things which need to be adjusted in Meta.

    Cheers JTF



  19. JT Fox

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    Things are moving slowly forward.

    The forward superstructure and attached detail have completed the 3D modelling phase.

    Cheers JTF



  20. JT Fox

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    Finished the after super structure which means the initial 3D model is complete.

    Now to continue the test build.

    Cheers JTF




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