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    Hi Gang,

    Three days ago I started to run my new Birkshire. I had concerns taking it out of the box as the front and rear trucks really flopped around. I ran it fifteen minutes frontwards and then fifteen minutes backwards. I did that while putting in scenery for three hours. That evening I put on eight Zephre passenger cars and ran it that way for two hours. I now have it pulling the whole set and it runs beautiful even at very slow speeds including crawling. Its very quiet and smooth running with a nice bright headlight and a working rear light on the tender. The light is not a bright as Kato Mike and I read reports that some of the Birkshires had problems with the headlight melting the casing that held it on. I kept checking that and there was no problems. Tomorrow I'm going to load it up with a bunch of rolling stock to see just what she will pull. I would say I feel it will out pull my two Mallets by a bunch but remains to be seen. I also feel it must be weighted just right as those floppy wheels never left the track. How it would operate on poorly laid track I feel would be questionable. Will report on just what she will pull.

    Ron :thumb: :thumb: :wave:
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    Sounds like you have a winner there Ron.
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    sounds great, seems you got a good loco, ron.
    looking forward to your (extended) report ;)

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