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    Some time ago (before I started ripping War for Cybertron) I had ripped some models from Bionicle Heroes. I was planning on releasing them, but then (unwanted) buisness happened and I had to give up all my projects. Nowadays I have enough free time to resume them. So, I was browsing my folders and I came across them. One thing led to another, and I ended up ripping anew. Not only Bionicle Heroes, but Glatorian Arena too. Here's a list of bionicles I've fixed and cleaned/cleaning up.

    Toa Inika (with textures)


    Piraka (with textures)


    Rahkshi (with textures)


    Bohrok (with textures)


    Vahki (with textures)


    Visorak (with textures)






    Glatorian Legends

    Mata Nui

    That's a long list. But not as big as it could be. Why? Because Heroes is a piece of trash, what's why. I downloaded it, and it crashes some minutes after I start it. I bought the game, installed it on a new hard disk, and still the same bloody problem. And the company hasn't released any fixes. Even the damn website isn't online anymore. Eidos and Traveler's tales are almost denying any connection to the game.
    Anyway. If anyone has a working copy of the game and is willing to help, then let me know. All you'll have to do is capture some frames and send me the 3dr. I'll do the rest.
    Btw, I have the first bionicle game on my pc. The models are somewhat old and crude, but I'll give them a go if anyone wants them.
    Also, I've been thinking. We have the models, we have the textures, so why not port them to other games? Imagine an Unreal team deathmatch between the Inika and the Piraka^^. I'll try to port the models to Fallout, when I (eventually) manage to develop the necessary UV mapping skills.

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    YES! at last! I LOVE Bionicle! llol i followed it until the end! I would love models of Gresh, Takanuva, Stronius and Vezok. If you could do those or send me those 3D models it would be great!
  3. nav

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    yay yay yay yay...i was going to do some of those but yours are so much cooler thank you..btw i'll be glad to help with texturing unfolding and cleaning up if you need it
  4. yperihitikos

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    I'll be off visiting kin for the whole week (>>), and my connection is too slow to upload things now. Bugger. Don't worry guys. I'll post stuff as soon as I can. I'll take my laptop with me.
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    Ok well ive narrowed my choice down to 2: vezok and stronius. Providing those 3D models would be great.
  6. yperihitikos

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  7. yperihitikos

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    Coming soon, models from the 2003 Bionicle game. Matoran, Turaga, Toa mata, Toa nuva, some rahi, and Teri.


    I've fixed the models (and quite good too :p) and I'm in the process of cleaning up them up. Textures are somewhat unlikely. I can't remember where I got the game from (downloaded since it's so rare), otherwise I'd suggest others give it a go.


    Models are low-res. For hi-res, try bionicle heroes. I've heard it's got Mata and Nuva masks that doesn't resemble human faces like in the movies.
  8. hellbringer17

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    Cool! Nice job man! Just a question though: do the Glatorian models have textures?
  9. nav

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    oooooohhhhhh i've been cleaning those gladitorians....can you separate them please they keep freezing sketchup....done 2 or 3 so have to move the pieces cause they're lines inside them too
  10. hellbringer17

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    Hope this isn't necro-posting, but if anybody cares, I will probably be getting a Toa Matoro model soon.
  11. Revell-Fan

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    Don't worry about necroposting in your own threads; that happens to me on occasion, too. It is understandable that sometimes you don't have the time to continue a project, and returning to it when you have the time again is quite logical. It is good to know that you are back on track with these little fellows. BTW, I like the Bionicle movies; the third one was the best. :thumb:

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