Biggest Railroad Station?

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  1. Renovo PPR

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    Can you name the city and country?

    This station covers 132.9 acres and is the worlds largest railroad station.
  2. Grand Central Station in New York?
  3. CRed

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    Leipzig, Germany?

  4. TrainNut

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    Supposedly, the biggest one currently being built will be Pennsylvania Station on Manhattan Island. The current largest.... hmmm.... Liverpool street station, London?
  5. Denyons

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    Liverpool Street Station in Manchester UK (my former home City) is the OLDEST station in the world.
    There is a plaque on a wall outside the station with this statement.
  6. doctorwayne

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    Nagoya Station, in Nagoya Japan, is the largest in area, although a lot of it is not actually "station": there are two office towers and a shopping concourse. In terms of platform capacity, Grand Central takes the honours. The busiest and second busiest are Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, and Ikebukuro, just minutes away.
    I would've guessed that a station in Japan would've been the biggest and busiest, but beyond that, my answer is from Wikipedia. ;)

  7. Ralph

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    Please check your PMs.
  8. bill937ca

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    JR Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, Japan.

    JR Shinjuku Station

    JR-EAST: Guide Maps for Major Stations (Shinjuku Station)


    It's also reported to be the second largest after Nayoga Station in land area.

    The JR Yamanote line circles central Tokyo on headways of 2.5-4 minutes all day with 11 car trains.

    Very busy place!!! Maybe too busy even for a railfan? sign1
  9. Mountain Man

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    When the current expansion to Grand Centeal is done, I imagine it will be the largest in the world.

    However, despite what your wives might be telling you, bigger is decidely not always better. :cool:
  10. bill937ca

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    From Wikipedia:

    Train station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The world's busiest station, in terms of daily passenger throughput, is Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, Japan[14].

    Ikebukuro Station, just minutes away, is the world's second-busiest.
    The world's largest station, in terms of floor area, is Nagoya Station in Nagoya, Japan[15].

    However, the Nagoya Station complex incorporates two office towers and an underground shopping concourse, so the railway terminal itself is not large in comparison to others.

    Its title of worlds largest station complex building will be soon lost to London Bridge.
    Shinjuku Station is the second largest.

    In terms of platform capacity, the world's largest station is Grand Central Terminal in New York City, USA [16].

    The Shanghai South Railway Station, opened in June 2006, has the world's largest circular transparent roof[17].

    Berlin Hauptbahnhof, opened May 2006, is Europe's largest station[18].
    Clapham Junction, in South London is the busiest in terms of Rail Traffic with, at peak times, a train every 13 seconds.
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    Here's a link to translated JR timetables for Shinjuku Station:

    Translated version of

    The busiest train station in the world may well be in China or India. Not much information comes out of Japan or China in English, but we may hear more with the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

    United Nations figures for passenger rail traffic for 2002 lists the top 3 rail passenger countries (billion passenger km) as:

    China 500 billion passenger km
    India 500 billion passenger km
    Japan 390 billion passenger km

    The US is barely a blip on the chart, probably about 10 billion passenger km. But the US is number one in freight and China is number 2.

    Right now I can't get the link to open for this information, but when I do I'll post it.
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    I can easily believe that some of the London stations would be huge...but I'm surprised that Clapham and London Bridge are their biggest! I thought Victoria (which isn't huge) was the main station for the southern trains in London...I guess not. I makes sense that London Bridge would be bigger since its in The City...while Victoria is Westminster.

    It seems that it is only fitting for the biggest (& busiest) titles should go to places with absurdly high population densities...Southern England, Japan, etc...

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