Big Wing - The Airbus of The Early 30s

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Bengt F, Oct 12, 2007.

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    The Junkers G.38ce Project - A Never-ending Story

    Cheers Roman!

    Alas, I have very little spare time for card modeling nowadays - music has become a large part of my life now. The half-finished Junkers G.38ce model is neatly tucked away in two big cardboard boxes, for the time being, and the documentation, such as books, articles, photos, plans, cut-away sketches, etc, etc, rests in a thick paper file, held together by rubber bands.

    Thank you for that very interesting link, though! I hadn´t seen it before.
    I have printed out the fifteen most interesting pages of AIR TRANSPORT, pertaining to the Junkers G.38 aircraft. There are some photos, which I have never seen before, for example one from the Junker-Werke in Dessau, where a second 'storey' is built on top of the fuselage of the extended D-2500 G.38ce version, and the interior of the wings can be seen. Interesting stuff, indeed.

    Perhaps there will be some free time around Christmas to take it up again . . . who knows?

    All the best from Stockholm,
    Bengt :roll:
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    Hallo Bengt,
    This is a fantastic project for an unusual airplane, very attractive.
    Very thorough work:thumb:

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    Junkers G.38ce Model Project

    Thanks for the kind words, Orazio,

    I am actually quite tempted to take it up again now, with some new info and photos that I have collected ( I obviously have to post about ten more posts before I can link any photos).
    I have also dug up the half-finished recoloring sheet of the fuselage from the hard drive and I think I will work on it over Christmas.

    Thanks again for the link to - there are so much information there, quite incredible, all the way back from 1909. I have found lots and lots of interesting stuff on the Levavasseur Antionette monoplanes (for example on Latham's two cross-channel attempts and the 1911 Monococue monoplane), the gigantic Rumpler twin-hull transatlantic flying boat project, the Louis Blériot XI, the captured Fokker E.III 210/15 (by the British) and some of the Fokkers and the Ford Tri-Motor from the 20s that I am really interested in. Great stuff!

    All the best,
    Bengt :thumb::thumb:
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    Bengt, it's good to see you here again! Please, by all means, do continue this build. I am still fascinated by these big panes so early in the history of aviation.
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    Though incomplete, I've chosen this build for the Picture of the Week feature on the front page!

    Well done, Bengt! Look forward to seeing the completed model. :thumb:
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    Sorry about the lateness but - congratulations on your selection for POTW Bengt!

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