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    Hi everybody, I have found an interesting STS in 1/50 . There are more than 62 pages to print and there are no colours. Anyway, the model looks very nice. The only drawback is the payload bay wich seem not be implemented, but you can scratchbuild your one, as the crew cabine interior. You should also reinforce the body struts to support the wings weight, there is a lot of paper
    You can find that at :
    With a little recouloring, it will be very very great.
    Many thanks for the developper of this beast.

    I have edited the post to figure a picture of MarsCenter STS wich is 1/100, half this one

    Best regards
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    Uh, my Japanese (or whatever) isn't that good. Actually, it is non-existent. Just what the heck do I click on to get the model? Or am I just missing something obvious that says "click on me to get the model"?

    Thanks for the link, though.
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    I couldn't say more, Rickstef.

    If you take the courage to "try" to navigate through this site you will reach :
    It seem to be the personnal page of the maker of the files, there is also a model of the ascent stage of the LEM

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    Thanks for sharing this! Very impressive design and now needs work in the paint shop. Probably the best design existing for the STS and a challenge for those who are good at skinning.

    Best regards, Gil

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