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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by LIRR, Feb 24, 2005.

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    I have joined a club, and there layout is well, large. After talking to one of the guys there he told me that if I was going to buy a engine to run on the layout my best bet would be a big steamer or a few road switchers. I'd much rather have a steam engine then some transition era road switchers (Nothing against them, Im just more of a GP30-50, SD-40-2 guy when it comes to diesels) So onto the question.

    What would be the best road sized (Like a hudson, or a heavy mountain etc) to get within this price bracket? (Engine must be DCC ready) I really like that Life Like 2-8-8-2, but it rarely goes for less then $200.
  2. petey

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    One that comes to mind is IHC's Mountain. It's marketed in various road names, but is actually a C&O prototype. It is well detailed and nicely weighted. Bachman's Spectrum 4-8-2 Lt and Hvy & 4-8-4 go for les than $125. The Mountains would be DCC ready, I believe. Standard Hobby Supply has a special sale w/BLI. They are selling the PRR M1a&b for $145.
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    I think I'll be getting the Spectrum Heavy, painted and unlettered version. Trainland has them for about $110

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