big scale non-pc hindenberg?

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    are there any fairly large scale models of this aircraft out there i found a couple that had the swastikas on the tail removed and replaced with the black cross in the white roundel so im after one WITH the aforementiened markings preferably also bearing the olimpic logo..any ideas???
  2. OldSalt

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    Wilhelmshavener has a 1:200 scale Hindenberg but I do not know what markings/insignia it has...

    Their site is
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    I doubt it, the swastika has been a banned sign in Germany for some time now. Which is a pity if you are Finnish, Native American, Viking, Ancient Greek, Romany, Celt, etc., etc., etc.,.......

    You could print your own. I have the proportions in a book on Luftwaffe markings somewhere about, if you need them.

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    It wouldn't be so hard to make one. It wouldn't be a Finnish, Native American, Viking, Ancient Greek, Romany, Celt, Hindu (had to add that one:grin:) dirigible though, it would definitely be NAZI. I personally have a few airplanes with Nazi Swastikas on them. Historical accuracy, I use them to educate my son as to how some symbols can be subverted by some groups. I have found that a little masking tape and some Sharpie pens work wonders.
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  6. Bengt F

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    Flags and Emblems

    Thanks, damraska,

    A very useful and thorough source indeed. Sometimes hard to come by.

    Bengt :smile:

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    history is history nothings gona change that the 200 scale looks like a good one the only one i found bearing the swasika on the tail was 1:800 and was tiny thats for the input everyone:wink:
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    You should try Wikipedia, they have a ton of stuff on them, apparently it is on of the most ancient symbols, Carl Sagan theorized that a comet displayed that shape in it's tail and that may have allowed the whole world to see it.

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    i have pretty much everything ever published on the third reich just a bugger when i cant have a hinde in its accrurate colors the Wilhelmshavener kit is amazing thogh it has full inteiriors right down to the individual rooms and gas bags:) bit pricey thogh
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    The only thing that ever bothered me about the Hindenburg is that everytime someone brings up hydrogen as a fuel alternative (it's actually a clean conveyance of energy) someone in the media shows the Hindenburg exploding. It's amazing that in all that not that many people died compared to how much she was carrying. I would love to see big dirigibles flying around again. I hope the efforts of Lockheed and the Aeros Corp. leads to a production passenger ship.
  11. Fozzy The Bear

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    It's high time that the German People understood that the majority of the rest of the world was not even born in the 1940's, so for them (and I include myself here) WWII is just history that some (less and less all the time) of our parents and grandparents may remember. It's time the people of Germany realised that we don't hold them responsible on any sort of personal level for things that happened so long ago.

    It's also high time that they realised that you can't change history by hiding symbols and pretending that it didn't happen.

    One of the things that I heard about this ridiculous law that they have, is they have it this way so as not to promote or encourage the resurgence Nazi behavior. To be honest that's nonsence.... All you do by not allowing the flags of that period to be shown is encourage that evil movement to hide underground instead.

    When we build models, we don't build them because we support a political ideology, we build them because we're interested in the engineering or the history or the stories of the people involved.

    Education and openly remembering and showing the history.... (which is interesting for history's sake alone) is the the way to prevent it happening again. You can't stop something happening again if you don't remember that it happened in the first place!

    Best Regards,
    Julian (Fozzy The Bear)
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    Fozzy, I agree. Human nature doesn't change; we were the same in Greek and Roman times, and we'll be the same in 10 thousand years time! And if we ignore our history, fail to study and learn from it, we will go on making the same mistakes over and over again. You only have to look at the Polish flare-up in the EU to see how these events can come back and haunt us.

    Who was it said 'Don't mention the war?'

    Oh yes, Basil Fawlty....

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    nullmoon you probably got it now but have you checked this thread it has a link toa 1:100 scale hindenburg with swastikas on the fins as per spec of the orig files are all in rar. format :thumb:
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    Nice link!

    This is a very noobish question...errr...the plans are to be printed on A3 paper yes?

    How do you guys know as to what size of paper a freebie paper model is supposed to be printed on?

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    hell yea still got my eye on the pre printed one its a beut dispite lacking the tail insignia this is certainly going on the list
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    Um, could you possibly re-write that using English?
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