big changes at Atlas Model Railroad Co.

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  1. trainworm

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    got this in the mail today. looks like a few people get a promotion.

    For Immediate Release


    HILLSIDE, NJ-June 9, 2004-Atlas Model Railroad Co. Inc. and Atlas O, LLC.
    announced today that at a recent meeting, the Atlas Board of Trustees passed a unanimous resolution creating a new Atlas Board of Directors to help guide and grow the companies in the foreseeable future. The new board consists of Thomas W. Haedrich-Chairman, Diane Schaffan Haedrich, Jarrett Schaffan Haedrich and Jesse Schaffan Haedrich.

    “The new Board of Directors is happy and proud to continue this great business with the same goal of product excellence as achieved during the first 55 years. We look forward to our role in helping to reach the next 50 plus
    years as a successful family-run business,” said Haedrich.

    One of the first resolutions passed by the new board was to name Richard
    Maddox as Chief Executive Officer and Paul Graf as Chief Operating Officer.
    Dick Maddox started with Atlas one year ago as Atlas Chief Operating Officer.
    He has been involved in the hobby industry in a wide variety of companies
    and positions for the past fifty years. Paul Graf has been with Atlas in
    a variety of positions for the past 15 years, most recently serving as Vice
    President, Finance and Administration.

    “Atlas is indeed fortunate to have an outstanding staff and extraordinary
    executives like Dick and Paul to lead them. I look forward to working with
    the fine professionals that comprise the Atlas executive team,” said Haedrich.

    Since 1984, Tom Haedrich has worked at Atlas and has been CEO since 1989.
    Diane S. Haedrich is the daughter of Atlas founder Stephan J. Schaffan and
    has been the Atlas Model President since 1984. Jarrett and Jesse Haedrich
    are the founder’s grandsons. Jarrett is a 2001 graduate of The University
    of Vermont School of Business and works in the Atlas marketing department.
    Jesse is a Penn State University student majoring in plastics engineering

    Founded in 1949 from the original Atlas Tool Co., Atlas Model Railroad
    Company, Inc. has its roots in model railroad track and accessory making
    through invention, innovation and ingenuity. As an extension of a tremendously
    flourishing HO & N scale product line, Atlas O, LLC. was created in 1997
    to provide high quality model railroad O scale products to the 3-rail and
    2-rail markets. Today, after more than 50 years, the Atlas companies are
    leading manufacturers of HO, N and O scale track, locomotives, rolling stock
    and accessories for the model railroad industry. Atlas’ product line is
    very extensive and includes solid nickel silver track, such as the world
    renowned Super-Flex® Track, award-winning locomotives and rolling stock,
    layouts, accessories, and more. Atlas, headquartered in Hillside, NJ., has
    maintained a proud tradition as a family-owned business with a reputation
    for quality and excellence.

    For additional information, please contact Kate Hannett, Director of Marketing
    at 908-687-0880, ext. 7122 or
  2. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    Do you think that with all of the changes they will finally make a wye in N scale? :rolleyes: :confused:
  3. Fred_M

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    LOL No, they will probally discontinue lots of low profit items Clark, I doubt they will be offering anything new for a while. Sounds like they are having problems to me. FRED
  4. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    Like you, Fred, I read that, "LET THE FLAYING OF ENTRAILS BEGIN!!! :mad: :mad: " I don't think we gonna be seein' anythin' new fer a bit... :eek:
  5. jon-monon

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    Do they really not make a wye? Or is it jsu tnot in the RTS catalog?
  6. there is no Atlas Y-shaped switch in N-scale.
  7. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Rest easy, guys...Peco makes 'em, & they're perfectly compatable with your Atlas track.
  8. BDC

    BDC Member


    Not trying to argue with you, but I don't think that this announcement from Atlas is bad news. Atlas (and Intermountain) are well known for moving their empoyees around quite often - for an established business that is. Richard Maddox was brought onboard last year and Atlas showed no sign of slowing down announcements or production. Paul Graf has held just about every position at Atlas and has brought about some radical products (like the Trainmaster). (Actually, I think he accepted the COO slot so he doesn't have to deal with the constant questions from the forumites! ;) ) The only problem I have ever had with Atlas is that they don't make enough D&RGW locomotives. :D Otherwise than that, this announcement from Atlas doesn't make me loose any sleep at all.
  9. rcwatkins

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    It seems to me as this is an annual event to keep the model RR world talking during the dead season of summer. :D

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