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  1. David Rosser

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    To all, This topic is way out there.
    Does anyone know of a RTR or kit of the Beyer-Garratt loco for HO? I realize that it would not be correct for any of the railroads on our layout ( PRR, Reading, Milwaukee Rd., S.P. ---I know, that is an odd combination, the layout is in several sections), but the design of that machine has always had my attention. I have sketched out a rough plan using two steam chassis at each end, with one of the modified boiler/cab on the center pivot/cradle and scratch built water and coal end structures. I am sure it is do-able, but then so was the Sistine Chapel! An HO kit that someone else has engineered seem a more reasonable approach. Any ideas? Thanks, Dave:confused:
  2. 60103

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    Yes, there are (is?).
    I was in a long discussion last year on the trains forum with a fellow who was building one.
    I believe that DJH makes a kit in etched nickel-silver.
    There used to be a kit from K's in cast metal plus brass & plastic.
    In the early 60's, Kitmaster made a plastic dummy kit (which I have).
    There are probably a number of others for narrow gauge versions.
    I have seen one of the etched kits actually made up.
    I'll check the magazines to see if I can get more information.
    And it can't look any stranger than anything the Pennsy actually did use. :D Paint it yellow and have a run-through with the U.P. ;)
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    I'll probably never build one, but I have thought about how I would do it. I would use two Mantua Pacific mechanisms and
    a heavy large Bowser boiler for weight. The rest could be scratched from parts. Since the drive assemblies are under the
    coal and water tender parts of the engine, you would have plenty of room for a dual motor/flywheel setup.
  4. sumpter250

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    Post some pics once you get started. I'm still kicking around an idea for an outside frame 2-6-0 + 0-6-2, in On30.
    I'm not sure you could find N scale steamers that could be used, but....... a MDC shay boiler on a fishbelly flat, with a couple of N scale steam HOn30 American Garrat??!
  5. David Rosser

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    Sumpter, There is a very large train show/sale in mid December. If I can get the basic bits there I will start. I have the needed steps laid out with sketches. I am sure it will work if I can get the two similar chassis. Will let you know. Dave
  6. Vic

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    Did I Dream This?

    Something "sticks in my mind" unusual:D ....that the D&RGW experimented with one of those at one time.

    Pacific Fast Mail offered one in brass at one time...that was in the 70's and it was "mega bucks" then.

    Seem to recall too that long years ago there was an article in MR about someone who made one out of 2 Mantua Pacifics. Might be worth some research.
  7. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    Maybe it looks a little like this.....

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  8. Ray Marinaccio

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    DJH currently has 3 Garratt kits in production. The largest prototype goes for around U.S. $600. They all follow the usual cast pewter with etched and cast brass components used by DJH for all the locos with Aichi mechanisms.
    I have never had a reason to build a Garratt kit from them, but they produce first rate units , consistent with DJH being the largest maker of 'HO' steam locomotive kits in the world.
    < >

    For the first time they are offering assembled kits , with the prices for the Australian prototype being $1,750. U.S. The other two are SAR prototypes of dual eight coupled Garratts. None of the prototypes are of backwoodsy little articulateds. Some are of 'Cape Gauge' locos but are being offered in the 16.5mm'HO' standard track gauge.
    These appear to be 3.5mm=1 feet models. While all of the non UK prototypes made by DJH have used that scale, some of their british models( and of locos whose prototypes were made there) were in kits made in 4mm=1ft. This was consistant with U.K. designs from Hornby, Wrenn,Dapol, et al -that established the scale relationships in England, of employing 'OO'scale vehicles running on 'HO' scale track.
  10. Sir_Tainly

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    DJH I beleive also offers the SAR locos in HOm (HOn3).
  11. jon6516

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    Check out:

    Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette

    July/August 1982
  12. ross31r

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    there are also some other manufacturers offering the garratts, namely Backwoods Minatures (that i can remember off the top of my head)

    The DJH ones are based on British prototpes from the LMS and LNER as well as a small industiral engine.
  13. neilmunck

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  14. ross31r

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    thats not all of them though, theres also a couple of OO ones if you want a VERY big and impressive engine and a few OO9/HOm engines which are based on SAR and similar prototypes
  15. ross31r

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    something like so?

    and a shay bolier would be WAY too small! the whole point of the Garrat was to carry as much of the weight as possible over the diving axles, spreading the weight as much as possible for lines which could only take light axle loadings (examples being most african naoorw gauge lines) whilst still allowing for the biggest possible bioler the loading gauge allowed so you should actually be looking at a full size boiler from something like a Mountain or Mike otherwise its NOT a Garratt!

    to give you an idea of the boiler size - this is a Welsh 2ft 6" gauge re-patriated Garratt known as an NGG16 class. the size of the boiler is obvious when you see the size of the man in the cab in comparison.
  16. ross31r

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  17. siledka

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    I bought a couple of these from DJH and these are really great kits. I do not suggest, however, buying assembled models from them - can be a great disappointment. And I have no idea what is going on with the company - they stopped producing German engines and are now disposing of a number of Franch and other display items. Some unfinished masters included. Will not be surprised to hear they are out of business or out of Ho business at least.
  18. jon6516

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    So I guess there is no HO narrow guage, 3 foot (10.5mm gauge) kits?
  19. abutt

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    I've got to admit the engine I've always been fasinated with has been the Beyer-Garratt. Years ago I had a stick and tissue model airplane friend in South Africa who knew I was a model railroader, and he sent me a picture of this strange articulated engine. I would love to find a model of this engine...not to run, but to build, in any scale, as a show piece. I'd appreciate any info anyone in the forum could supply so that I might find one as a scale model.

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