Beware Non-Model RR Auction posters on Ebay

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by abutt, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. abutt

    abutt Member

    Have rarely had any problem on Ebay with over 350 auctions there. But once in a while you run into auctions of model rr equipment posted by non-modelrailroaders. A few days ago I spotted two Troller speed double Pack and one single. Both advertised as fully working. You guessed it. Neither one worked. Very upset in that I really liked the Trollers when I had them years ago. So now I'm stuck trying to get my money back. So far the seller is not even answering my Emails. So beware. Money can go quickly in this hobby. No sense throwing it away.wall1
  2. stuart_canada

    stuart_canada Member

    I have an old trollier autopulse momentum 2.5 I really like it and have been looking to upgrade to something a bit newer, it works but the speed light is burnt out now but woroks great considerign it is 25 years old
  3. sgtcarl

    sgtcarl Member

    Yes! I agree! watch out for the snakes! I ran across a guy, who after paying him, I complained he had not been honest in his listing. He basically, cussed me out and said he would give a very negative feedback. I told him I didn't really care, because I had a higher satisfaction rating than he did!! But you're right. I have established a new rule for myself, that others may want to consider: If the seller admits they don't know much about trains, then why are they selling them? They are probably just trying to get rid of some of the stuff they were suckered into buying from someone else.
  4. MidnightRR

    MidnightRR Member

    Last time this happend to me, PayPal got me my money back. AND I kept the item, which I used for parts.
  5. nkp174

    nkp174 Active Member

    Very frequently, the people selling On3 stuff have no clue what they are selling. I usually try to send them a message if it is really mislabeled (to prevent honest mistakes). A week ago, there was an On3 car listed as an S scale car. Frequently, someone dies and a local modeler friend will be asked to sell it. Since it is very much a minority scale, they mess it up a little. When I ordered my PCM goose, the guy checked several times to make sure that I REALLY wanted the On3 version and that I knew that On3 isn't compatible with HO track...he's been through many returns involving On30 people.

    So sometimes it isn't that they aren't modelers, just that they model something else entirely.
  6. eightyeightfan1

    eightyeightfan1 Now I'm AMP'd

    Do what I do.......Don't buy on eBay.
  7. abutt

    abutt Member

    Thanks for suggestion

    Dumb me! Didn't think of that. Went to PayPal and started things moving. Lets see what happens.
  8. abutt

    abutt Member


    Thanks to Midnight RR's suggestion, PayPal came through for me and I received a refund from the seller this AM. No mention of returning the Trollers, so they go into the parts bin.:thumb:

  9. BigBadgers2001

    BigBadgers2001 New Member

    Miss description sales. Backfired.

    I had a similar incident from a non railroader on Ebay. I just bought an old Jouef shunter from him. The description said 00 guage but it was'nt. It's H0. I told him this but was given an agressive reply.

    I've had the last laugh though. It turns out to be a 1961 to 1963 model thats worth a few quid. I only paid 99 pence plus £2.50 postage. Ha ha. Every cloud has a silver lining.

    So I gave him semi positive feedback and did'nt bother to tell him about it's history. LOL
  10. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery


    Good resolution to the story... Glad to hear it! :)

  11. MidnightRR

    MidnightRR Member

    Glad I could help.
  12. diburning

    diburning Member

    I bought a Walthers F40PH on ebay from a guy who doesn't normall sell trains. He advertised it as brand new. When it came, the plow was already broken off! I gave him a positive feedback because it still ran, but he wasn't happy that I told him that it wasn't brand new! He didn't leave me any feedback.

    I mean, it's not my fault he said it was brand new without actually looking at it!
  13. Mauiman

    Mauiman Member

    That is why I like to buy stuff brand new. I seen what happens or could happen to some people that buys used software from the internet. I am glad that I have never experienced it. However I sure do hope that if not allready you will be able to get a full refund for your money back. Shipping and handeling and for the main purchase as well and all.
    No I have not read the whole thread but after this post I will read the rest of the lot.

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