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    Hello! I'm from Belarus. I present to You this model. Printed in A5 format, on 200 gram paper. Made some improvements.
    The model became a length of 28 cm (from nose to end of tail frame).
    P1180506.JPG P1180511.JPG P1180515.JPG P1180516.JPG P1180517.JPG P1180518.JPG P1180519.JPG P1180536.JPG P1180573.JPG P1180531.JPG
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  2. wulf111

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    WOW amazing work
  3. vitalik691

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  4. bigpetr

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    Great iprovements:Bravo:
  5. zathros

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    Very nice interpretation, very nice indeed. It would be nice if you would post a build thread of your next model, so you can teach us, as you obviously have much we could learn from you. :)
  6. vitalik691

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    Thank you! During the construction of the model, I just look at the original and figure out a way to make it complicated where possible, using the means at hand. In this model you can see different diameter nails, pieces of wire, thread, and a piece of a mobile phone.
  7. zathros

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    I will use the kitchen sink if I can fit it, and it adds to the model. Throw away shaving handles work good for nacelles. in TOS Star Trek, they used a pair of Gillette razor handles, cutting off the "T" blade part, and reworked the end for a set of shuttles engine nacelles. :)
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