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    I have several builds where I built mostly out of box, but detailed the cockpit, and added a sculpted pilot that I cast in resin. Where would I put that? Also have a couple that took a stock kit, for example, the Polar Lights ST Scorpion fighter, added a very modified cockpit, sculpted pilot, and modified / customized the design with parts from the 'spares' box. Would that be considered a kitbash?
    I also have some that were built out of box, but I did things like, on my Spitfire, engraved all the panel lines , corrected the propeller shape, added detail to the landing gear, and used aftermarket decals. So it's out of box, but slightly more. Where would that go? Thanks in advance!
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  2. Revell-Fan

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    These would be examples of what I called "Detailed builds", IMO. It would not fit in the categories bash, scratch and oob.
  3. zathros

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    I agree. Detailing a plastic model is the whole point and is what started this. People posting models with virtually no detailing. That's what your supposed to do with them, otherwise, why bother?
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    A stock plastic model should be okay as long as it is part of a diorama, which will embellish the model depicted. Also, when doing a diorama, the builder has the tendency to modify the model as well. I am guilty in this area since I tend to go beyond the model itself. The details are what makes a model whether it be plastic or paper. The details are what tells a story and then it becomes eye candy to the beholder. It is almost like a puzzle of where is Waldo, the eye keeps searching for more stuff to enjoy.
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  5. zathros

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    Well said, Master Silveroxide! :)
  6. spaceagent-9

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    beginner's builds?
    scratch builds -novice-learner-expert threads?
    bash kits 1-10?
    I know I was real excited on my first cardboard cereal box scratch build Romulan bop. I was really proud of my first attempt. there should be a place for kittens to show their play. first attempts? encouragement thread?
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  7. zathros

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    I want to wrap this up:

    Start from Here, and add anything you think should be added. Kit bash and scratch build aren't the same, because scratch build is using raw stock that is fabricated into pieces. Not preformed pieces formed into something else.

    1) Scratch Build**
    **Scratch build will mean fabricated. It's easy to take thin plastic, and pull it over the shape you desire, and make something unseen before, or, a representation of a ship, airplane or boat, completely from the use of raw materials.
    2) Kit-Bashing (combining models, and materials to make an unrelated vehicle, or one similar vehicle.

    3)Box Stock. Made just like the box says, except for paint. In this category, I expect clean work.
    4) Self Proclaimed Noobie. I think that says it a

    5) Classic Models, like Renwahls Visible V-8's, any Jo-Han models, you know what I am talking about. These deserve special attention! They don't necessarily have to be out of production
  8. Zubie

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    It seems like a very natural set of categories. I would be more partial to lumping scratch and kitbash together since to me at least it seems the same. The latter seems almost specifically a SciFi thing anyway and is sort of odd. For instance , if you want to accurately reproduce a studio model from scratch, you need to kitbash, even if you need to scratch build an authentic part from an out of production kit!;) That aside, breaking into two areas might not make much difference, as long as people aren't nitpicky about it.

    Kitbashing in other genre's seems more limited, although not unheard of, such as using 2 He-111 to make one He-111Z or modeling a Rockwell XFV-12 from an F-4 and an A-4. Even here, the detail work to really get a nice reproduction would require considerable scratch building skills.

    that's my 2c
  9. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Scratch building and kitbashing are two different things. I know someone who makes ships for ship companies out of PVC, and makes every part from scratch, that is not kitbashing.

    Taking parts of models, Razor handles (that was done on a Star Trek Shuttle, forget which one) that's kit bashing. Scratch build is making something from "stock" materials, and fabricating it into whatever it is you are making, so those two will not be together. I guarantee you will see very few models in Scratch Building, and many more in Kitbashing, because that is easier to do. So we have a Category list now, which could be amended, now?
  10. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    "Box-stock" and "Self-proclaimed noobie" are the two which need to be defined a bit more.

    Do "Box-stock" models may get custom-made enhancements like a scratch-built pilot, scribed panel lines, landing gear, base or lightning?

    Is the "Noobie" section supposed to show "first builds" even if they are made "box-stock"? You can't just put the snap together kits in there because some do make for very fine models.
  11. Lighter

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    Using my own models I can illustrate four categories. I don't have a newbie photo - I'm not sure if cameras were used back then!

    First up I feel is Out of the Box. Window treatments were added. Otherwise the plastic open face casting was cleaned and painted.
    1 Out of Box.jpg

    Next is detailed. Working from a prototype photo the basic silo was detailed with loading and delivery shoot details, caged ladder and electricals. As well as paint. 2 Detailed.jpg

    This is a kit bash to collect the flavor of the prototype which, I believe, is still standing. Two kits for the two parts of the structure plus a lot of scratched details working from prototype photos. Kit bashing is very common in railroad modeling. In this case I got the flavor, but it's otherwise a large departure from the prototype.
    3 Kit Bashed.jpg

    Finally a building that is totally scratchbuilt from styrene and a few other useful bits. The cement blocks are cut from a commercial vacuum formed vinyl sheet material. All other bits from sheet and rod styrene stock. Again, modeled from photographs of a standing structure. Bobby's tank car models often posted to this site are an even better example of scratchbuilt models using some commercial stainless steel etched parts.
    4 Scratch.JPG

    Pardon the ego moment, but adding some pictures seemed necessary to me to move this discussion forward. The balance of each category is really a moving target because aircraft modelers, railroad modelers, science fiction modelers, military modelers and fantasy modelers all use the same words with different shadings and meanings.
  12. micahrogers

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    These catergories are straight forward and well defined, I can deal with these.
  13. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    I built this model out of paper, using nothing else but paper, I would classify this as a scratchbuild. So we are on the same page. Since this is this forum anb we are doing this for us, categories that serve our purpose are all that interest us, ZEALOT, that is, and I am getting that impression, from most of us. If you are building a model to enter into a contest, I would expect you to announce that if the Off Topic Lounge, with your award, that's something special. :)

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