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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by vasek68, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. vasek68

    vasek68 New Member

    Hi airplane fans

    There is a new beta-test build opened for all airplane lovers on Czech DF. For now it is about light bomber-recognition biplane from Czech airplane factory Letov, type S-328 "Smolik".


    This airplane served in former Czechoslovakia air force in late 30ties. During war it was used by Slovak and Bulgarian air force as well as German Luftwaffe.

    There will be construction report given also in ENG so if you are interested you can sign-in during next week.

    For more info go to

    Best regards
    vasek68, author of Avia B-534
    Tally ho
  2. Marek Pacynski

    Marek Pacynski New Member

    Applause! I wanted this model to make (to design) in scale 1:50 and 1:33. I with great readiness will wait on model this airplane from your hands.
    I greet
    Marek Pacynski
  3. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member

    Very nice subject! I also, will look forward to this model when finished.

  4. vasek68

    vasek68 New Member

    * reply to this post and your private email.

    Hi Marek

    Greetings from Prague. I am glad to meet you here. I have almost all of your 1:50 within my collection. It will be my pleasure to have you involved in this project. Now we have time to the end of week to close and choose memebers of Beta -team. Please let me state that I will be very pleased to have you on the member list.
    This airplane is one of my favorites and in case you will think about 1:50 variant I can share the design with you. Please let me know.

    Tally ho

    * Your email generated an error for this reason I placed my answer here.
  5. vasek68

    vasek68 New Member

    ... and what about to participate on it?
  6. Marek Pacynski

    Marek Pacynski New Member

  7. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member


    I would like to, but I am such a slow builder, that by the time I finished, the kit will have been released and those who purchased and built it, would have several layers of dust on them.

    I'll sit back and wait for the release and the day I can afford it. 8v)

  8. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member


    i wolud like to tray the make this 1 if its still ok with u :)

  9. vasek68

    vasek68 New Member

    You are welcome Yaniv - please send your registering email to

    THNX vasek68
  10. vasek68

    vasek68 New Member

    to Marek - I am still getting errors on email. Did you got mine?
    to Yaniv - You still didn't sign-in the last change is till Friday

    Those who didn't make their choice of camo yet - please go to sign in DF and make your choice.

    Tally ho

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