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  1. cchambers47201

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    curious on thoughts on this. i am wanting to find a few various wwII bombers, and other creations such as buildings and dioramas, and it seems that it might be time to consider purchasing a subscription somewhere to find more models, i have not found a lot of options in those areas, but that could also be i am somehow missing things right in front of me, which happens quite often. i am considering Pirate Link and also fiddlersgreen, but not sure what the best option may be for price and selection. hoping to get some input. i tried to search here, but found either 50 pages or none, so i hope i am not repeating a common post. any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Zathros

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    That first site you named has mostly pirated models, virus's and a lot of other goodies you wouldn't want, like a big F.B.I. notice appearing on your Desktop.

    A lot of people have had god luck with Fiddlers Green. One or two of the models might have problems, but the very very very many other ones, are really nice, and it is not something you would regret. Just be sure you know what you are looking for. Also, you might want to search this forum, or, use Google, switching the words around till you get the right combo, just be warned, there are many pirated models, and you will not be able to post them here, and we do know which ones are pirated.

    You also could type out a list of what you are looking for. :)
  3. cchambers47201

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    Zathros - wow - thank you for the heads up, i had no idea that was a dark side of things, i am glad you let me know. it did seem like it was almost too good to be true with the amount of what they had. i am hoping i have not done any pirated ones so far. i don't think so, they seem to have been from safe sources.
    -removed link', that i remembered to snap a photo of, i am hoping there are no pirated ones. i did not realize there was such a flood of them until reading more into the forums here.
  4. Zathros

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    The Bell X-1 definitely is, a couple of the archetectural ones were scans of book models. Just make sure anything you post here is from a "FREE" site, or from an established Pay For site, which is hard in the U.S.. If you want a couple of known sites, try GREMIR and ECardmodels. Those sites have an excellent selection, and are good to deal with. I personally think that GREMIR handles a higher end selection, but ECardmodels has so many models, that in reality, it depends what your looking for, and neither will steer you the wrong way.

    If you want one of the best free sites I know try: Incredible selection of free models. I can't believe these models are free Small but nice selection of quality free models


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