best scalextric set for a 5 year old for under £100?

Discussion in 'Slot Cars General' started by carine b, May 9, 2008.

  1. carine b

    carine b New Member

    He wants one for xmas, but which would be the best for him, he has never played one before. Also where is the cheapest place to get it?
  2. zebrazoo

    zebrazoo New Member

    I wouldn't get teh one designed as a first set as its not that good. Best to get a 'proper' scalextric set. I think Toys R Us have then for around £40.
  3. terrysainswhu

    terrysainswhu New Member

    Toy's R' dear. James bond 007, half price, 24.99 scaletric.

    it is gorgeous, I want to keep it myself!. Hurry up.

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