best racing mono rc boat?

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by bridgestonehoa, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. bridgestonehoa

    bridgestonehoa New Member

    What's the best R/C racing mono hull available? Looking for something with a zenoah 260 gasoline engine.
  2. Ron Olson

    Ron Olson Member

    This week?
    There are a lot of boats out there capable of going fast with the right setup. The AC Model Boats Lazer 45 or Razor, the Insane mono, the Aeromarine XXX, the Seaducer and the list goes on. Do some looking around and see what you like and within your price range.
  3. Ron Olson

    Ron Olson Member

    The Titan nor the Delta Force 26 will hold a gas engine. I've owned both. The Titan 21 as it is also know to the nitro crowd was one of the worst handling boats that I ever owned.
    The DF 26 I powered with a .12 nitro engine but sold it soon after building it to a well-known NASCAR Sprint Cup racer.

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  4. Ron Olson

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    First, Jay Turner and I don't get along very well so I really don't care what he says and secondly, this person is looking for a GAS boat, not an electric or nitro.
  5. Ron Olson

    Ron Olson Member

    Jay doesn't seem to have much of a fan club. I ran into a former FE record holder at the LHS Saturday, George Dalecki, and he's not exactly a fan of his either.
    Jay "Fluid" Turner has a cockiness about him that doesn't go over well with many other forum site members either but still doesn't beat that Merriman character who is supposed to be a RC sub expert. He's right and everybody else is wrong.

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