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Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by Cromagnon Mann, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Cromagnon Mann

    Cromagnon Mann New Member

    Just starting to get into RC helicopters and was wondering what the best one to get to learn with. Don't want anything to expensive.
  2. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    This is a bit of a can of worms ...but having just got into Helicopters, I can only pass on what I picked up. It worked for me :)

    First off, you don't want to spend a huge some of cash on something you are probably going to break as you learn what not to do! You also want to make sure it is something you can get parts for. Some of the cheapo chinese imports will gove you grief what you break a blade etc.

    I took myself down to by local branch of HobbyStores and asked for advice, and they pointed me towards a basic twin rotor coaxial job. They had several similar ones, and stocked spare parts for them all. I opted for an 'EasyCopter',

    and my eldest kid bought himself a Ripmax 'huey'.

    These are basic interms or performance, but are full 4-channel jobs. I couldn't see the point of buying something without the full range of control if I was going to learn properly. Blades, bodies, landing skids etc. were all in stock for both ......

    The guy in the shop was also happy to demo a couple of options to show what they could do once you got good at flying.

    There are also plenty of websites listing similar types. The decent websites will group the 'copters into 'ability' and a beginner 4-channel would be what to look for. Simple enough to learn on, capable enough so you can actually fly it. Expect to pay around £80 for a ready to fly decent quality co-ax twin rotor, and have fun!
  3. Cromagnon Mann

    Cromagnon Mann New Member

    Hey thanks for the info. Been looking for the past couple fo weeks and now I know what to look for. Have an R/C Jeep that's a blast to off-road but wanted to try something different. Appreciate the advice.

  4. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    I was a 'ground based' RC'er till I saw what some of these new electric RC helicopters can do! I had alsways assumed that helicopters were expensive to buy, expensive to run, and only a serious rich mans toy. Not so anymore :)

    I run mostly nitro buggies ( an old but reliable XT2 and a Thunder Tiger RS1 truggy ) and dream of owning a proper petrol powered job, so the Easycopter is a bit of backyard fun :)
  5. Cromagnon Mann

    Cromagnon Mann New Member

    Decided to get my one of those tiny indoor 'copters to practice with. That way I can play around this winter. The things harder than it looks. Gonna take some gettinig used to. Maybe gonna stick with my small Jeep and graduate to something bigger.
  6. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    I'm thinking of getting one too to play with well as the current one! There are a couple of really nice ones out there that would be brilliant to play with indoors
  7. Cromagnon Mann

    Cromagnon Mann New Member

    Can anyone tell me about these Air Hog R/C helicopters? Found one for $50 and wondered if it would be a good buy for expanding my horizons.

  8. oldtamiyaphile

    oldtamiyaphile New Member

    Don't bother with anything Airhogs (some of it is OK, but understand they're all toys). Pick up an Esky Lama V3 for about $90 at various places online.

    Easy to fly, you should have roughly the hang of it after 2-3 batteries. Almost endless mods for when you get bored with it. It's indoor only though (unless there's no more than 2-3mph wind), and a bit big for that.

    While the Lama is still a great way to learn, I would also look into the Blade Micro CX. Again, easy to fly, durable, small enough for almost any space.

    The Walkera 4#3B is an absolute blast, but might be a little tricky for a first timer unless you get lots of sim time.
  9. Cromagnon Mann

    Cromagnon Mann New Member

    Hey thanks for the info. I'll do some online research and see what I can find. Sound pretty interesting though. Got a new R/C Jeep to play around with. It's been a blast.

  10. Ron Olson

    Ron Olson Member

    I got myself one of these after going to the LHS just to buy some nuts, bolts and washers one day: . I got it with the radio system which may be worth the extra cost.
    I'm really bad at RC flying but am doing pretty well so far with this. It's tougher than its fragile looks appear to be as mine has taken a lot of hits with no damage. I'd only fly in in calm air or indoors. Fortunately where I work we have a large warehouse so when we get time, I go outside and bring it in out of my ride.
  11. oldtamiyaphile

    oldtamiyaphile New Member

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