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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by ddavidv, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. ddavidv

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    I'm modelling the Western Maryland, which like many roads in the 1950s used EMD F units. F7A's specifically. A few manufacturers have or do make F7s but I'm interested in the opinions of some who have them on here. What runs well, looks the best and so on. I will need B units also, and I think this may limit my choices quite a bit. I'd ultimately like to put a A-B-B-A set together. They need not all be powered, and the road name availability is unimportant as I can paint them myself (black...real tough!).
    I like my Alcos and BL2s, but need to represent some F7s! :)
  2. ddavidv

    ddavidv Member

    Beuller? Anyone? :confused:
    I'm seeing Bachman Spectrum A-B sets pretty reasonable on Ebay, but I'm hesitant about their run quality. Comments?
  3. CalFlash

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    IMHO it would have to be the Athearn Genenis or Highliner w/ Athearn drive. I have all 5 Genesis units painted for MP and some Highliner shells I will run on Kato drives from Stewart units. Both drives are excellent and since I'm running DCC are easy to convert even including sound.
  4. CalFlash

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    duplicate removed
  5. railohio

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    And since those aren't in the scale he wants the point is moot.
  6. CalFlash

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    Well excuxxxe me but I didn't see a scale mentioned. I probably did error in assuming HO but no need to jump me for it.
  7. ddavidv

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    You are aware you're posting in the N scale forum, right? :wave:
  8. Delamaize

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    MMMM Kato!

    you can NEVER go wrong with the old Kato F7s. they are spendy, but they are brutes, tough, stong and dependible. I have heard some Ok things about the Bachman spectrums, but stay away from all the other bachman F units.

    If I was you, I would shell out the bucks for the Katos, I have a F7 AB set that have been though hell and still run like tops, and a set of F3 ABA that are equally as good.

    that is my 2 cents.
  9. shaygetz

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    When I was in N scale my bestest, favoritest engines were my Con Cor PA1 and my Bachmann F7. That F unit would pull all 30 of my cars up a 3.5% grade without a complaint, no modifications whatsoever. I really do miss them.
  10. ddavidv

    ddavidv Member

    I guess I just need to troll Ebay for awhile and come up with some to try out. :)
  11. fifer

    fifer Active Member

    My first choice would be the Kato , but the Bachmann Spectrum runs pretty dang good for the bucks. :thumb:


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