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    i am just starting a multi level L shaped shelf layout an thats 2 ft wide and six feet long on both sides. i just want to know what the best dcc system would be for me, the layout is a fictional mainline action layout in chicago where ihb( and all it's trackage rights ( ic&e,csx,ns,bnsf,cn,) have a 2 track line with a few siding tracks then they go into a big switching interchange with 4 diamonds i need a system that can handle the interchange , also i need to bea able ot run at leaste 2-3 switchers at the same time, i also need to run at least 3 trains with 3-5 engines on each train so it has to handle the ability of multiple engines
    i also want to run the engines on each train at the same speed so it has to have that abillity. i dont j\have a track plan right know but the jist of my layout is that it has to run multiole locomotives, run them 3 or more locos at the same speed and be able to handle interchanges and heavy switching.
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    Most of the systems available can do all the things that you list. You will want to check the price of adding additional throttles though - that is the easiest way to handle multiple switchers simultaneously.

    The best bet is probably to find what is most popular/available in your area. Try different systems out if you can. What works for me might not be good for you, in terms of buttons, dials, etc.

    I have a Digitrax Zephyr, in part because I have access to experts at several local clubs.


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