Bergepanther sticker shock

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by Jim Nunn, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. SteveM

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    Designing your own will NOT save you money (if you give your time any value at all) It has its own rewards, but saving money isn't one of them :)

  2. lighthouse

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    Two Price worlds

    I do not think they charge you less, but they want to charge outside the country more because they are comparing their own prices and product with the one of the German publishers.

    The problem is that this policy does not work, because unfortenatly product priced for the Polish market find their way out of Poland to here through some dealers with particular connection and are offered here to much lowere prices and compete with the ones who one who pay the official goods directly from Polish publishers. This means that the Bergepanther will show up here on the market for around $ 30 and not for the $ 46 and I will have to match the price. You might think that this is good for everybody, but how long you think I will be able to contine to offer products from Polish Publisher if I have to buy them for the $ 46 price....................
  3. Joseph

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    Yes, and I may add that 'official' dealers have to comply with tax laws (unlike the e-bay sellers and such). We, for instance, have to add VAT to our prices - that means an automatic 19% price increase...
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    When I bought my first commerial paper model three years ago (Halinski Brewster Buffalo), I thought it was an an incredible bargain and drop dead gorgeous. I bought it sight unseen not knowing what to expect.

    Very quickly it was followed by a Hurricane and Hellcat, F-16 and F-18.

    $40/$50 models today have changed my mind.

    I hope Mr. Halinski will come to understand that his profitability comes from people who buy the models but never build them; that is, collectors.

    I am not sure of the ratio of build-vs.-collect, but it could be 10 to 1 or even much higher.

    Digging into the psychology of why people would buy them and not build them; well I don't want to go there. There must be a latin scientific name for this afflliction.

    To maximize profits, the publishers should price their product at collectors, not builders. You good folks who actually build them could not support the talented designers all by yourselves.

    So the cost effectiveness argument that $50 is worth three months of building pleasure fails on this premise.

    At $50 a pop, my enthusiasm for collecting is dropping.

  5. This is a very interesting thread. I think the price factor is all relative to what you are used to.

    To me, if i buy a kit for say $25 and then spend another $50 scaling it up (to my chosen scale of 1/18 ) and then maybe spend another $25 on misc. bits and pieces for it (machine guns, plastic propellers etc) the total cost is $100. This is a high estimate...the cost may well be many dollars less.

    For a huge 1/18 scale model that seems like a bargain to me. I have in the past commissioned wood aircraft models a few times and they cost me $300++ a pop, and that was for a fighter sized aircraft. To be able to get a twin engine aircraft or a big bomber for $100 seems like a dirt cheap bargain.

    A bonus is that i can then turn around and sell the original card model which i copied but did not actually consume.

    As for the collectibility comment; it is so true that many people collect FAR more than they will ever build. It is true of plastic models and it seems to be also true for paper ones. In my case i have bought now 12 models and have yet to finish my first....heheh. But just knowing i have them and COULD build them is half the fun.

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