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Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by Jim Nunn, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Jim Nunn

    Jim Nunn Member

    I have been patently waiting for Halinski’s release of the Bergepanther sdkfz-179. While cursing the net I found the model today at SPI and Moundi, however I’m suffering from a case of sticker shock. The model will be selling for around $46.00! At this price I would hope that it is supplied with both etched brass and laser cut parts. But $46.00 for just the basic kit is quite steep for a paper model. I also noted that all of the Halinski kits are now about twice what I have paid for the kits a couple of years ago. I assume that this is a trend of the hobby as the kits become more suffocated and detailed. But they are now exceeding the cost of good plastic kits. I doubt that this will get me back into building plastics but on the other hand I don’t see myself building $40.00 paper models in the future either.

    What do you guys think of the rising cost of the models?

    Jim Nunn
  2. robson

    robson Member

    Yes, this is a little shocking...$20.00 markup. No comments...
  3. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Simple supply and demand. If no one buys at the hellishly inflated price, the price will eventually come back down to reasonable profits. You see it happing all the time on Ebay. Initially, the scarce kits go for incredible prices. As the guys with deep pockets are satisfied (and thus demand decreases), the winning bid amounts drop. Vote with your pocketbook, guys and gals. The free market will eventually bring things back into line.
  4. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    Spreadsheets, Price Bubbles & Stark Reality

    Price is always the determining factor...,

    Is there any explanation from Halinski?

    Several Chinese plastic model manufacturers are finding that they have priced their high end product out of "sweet spot" and are now sitting on a very large lump in the supply python. Testing of price elasticity is now over for them and they're facing the diliemma of how to move the inventory without collapsing their distribution channel...,

    How much cost is in the production costs of a paper model? Overhead hasn't changed radically so I have to think that they're in the process of testing price elasticity prior to their prime selling season. The "sweet spot" for them may be panic in December followed by a reduced price campaign in January....,

    Lastly, I may be completely wrong on all this and they may sell every last one at the asking price. It just won't be me, or Jim or....,

  5. Joseph

    Joseph Member

    Over the last two years, Mr. Halinski has increased his prices by 50-100%. In the same time, he has virtually ceased to give discounts to foreign retailers (he gives a token discount if you take 50 copies of each model).
    As a result, it's the retailer who looks like the greedy one... Personnaly I'm fed up with this and I have thought many times about stopping to carry his line.
    IMHO some (many?) people will simply stop to buy his models. The same for JSC btw...
  6. Jim Nunn

    Jim Nunn Member


    Profit is not a 4 letter word. You fill a need that Halinski can and will not address (they don’t sell to the public) and given the cost of inventory and overhead you have to make a reasonable return on your investment. So I don’t begrudge you or any other retailer making a profit, so I don’t consider you the greedy person. The end sell price is governed by what the publisher charges you not your profit margin.

    Jim Nunn
  7. cygielski

    cygielski Member

    Polish modelers have been complaining about model prices for some time -- and after a recent apogee they seem to have at least levelled out. They may, however, be trying to make up the difference on "rich westerners". My advice would be to hold off for a few months.

    The recent strength of the Polish currency may also have something to do with it -- Bush's dolarettes don't go as far as the US dollar used to. [​IMG]
  8. dimas Karabas

    dimas Karabas Member

    You guys are right, the prices are going insane now! I remember when I starte the hobby many years ago, the price of Maly Modelarz was about 10 cents a piece!
    Now, you have Angraf selling thier truck for over $35, Halinski, Hobby and others who push the limits with their new models.
    I am not sure about market leveling, I wanted Halinski planes and I paid over $20 for his BF 110. It is now sitting in my stock pile. I also know that I will not pay $40 for armor, but I know people who probably will.
    sad, very sad.
  9. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    It seems to me that the end result of high prices is to increase the attractiveness of piracy. It is relatively easy to scan a paper model. The
    primary inhibition to piracy is the personal economic trade off between time spent and loss of quality in pirating and the retail cost of an item seemingly
    regardless of the ethical or moral issues. For professional pirates there is probably a tipping point to produce bootleg printed copies which is dependent on market size and the retail cost of the original item. It would seem to me that if papermodelling is increasing in popularity (market size increasing) and the retail price is being increased dramatically we may not be too far away from bootleg printed kits appearing.

    The effect of charging (perceived) excessive prices, where piracy is viable, on
    profits is exactly the opposite of the intent of raising prices.


  10. George

    George Member


    Hi all,

    You of course could claim that through downloading and already availible
    piracy the prices go up. The Bergpather kit is already availible on some
    downloading hubs (mainly in Poland and Ukraina).

    Sorry to say the qualityloss on a good scan is not discernible.

    I concider downloading a very real and increasing threat to the development
    and printing of good paper models!!!
  11. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member

    hi guys,

    why not letting the market act due to his own rules. if something is getting more expensive the probability that no one will buy it increases too. there is enough to build anyway. nothing is a real must (except of a loving wife an good health) as you may have seen gpm adjusts the zloty prices to get a stable euro price. all the manufacturer need the paper community - not the other way round.

    it's hard to see all that beautiful models - for mee too.

    greetings from austria
  12. swiftsword

    swiftsword Member

    My $.02:

    The fact that we as as society are willing to spend $5 or more for a ventimochaccinolattewhatevertheycallit has probably not been lost on others. With modelling it's not so much supply-and-demand but more "how much of your discretionary income are you willing to blow on a pastime?"

    So I think this up-trend on discretionary items will only, sadly, continue.


  13. dimas Karabas

    dimas Karabas Member

    You are righ in way, however, there comes a time when to much is too much.
    Last week I went on SPI shop on line and put about 5 models in my basket. When it came to check out, with added price of shipping it turned out almost $20 per model. And I am not talking about expensive stuff, Yak 1, few modelik kits and that is all!. No, thank you very much. No way I am going to spend so much money!
  14. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    It's true that shipping charges really seem to add almost double the cost of the model. Still being a new paper modeler (about a year) I have a problem with the books. I know the detail and quality is amazing, but I can not make myself cut one up. That means scanning and losing some quality, albeit not much loss but if the model is silver there is a BIG difference.

    Since I'm new, most of the models I build are downloadable. It is what I have grown used to, and they way I started this hobby. So for me anyway, downloading is the way I go. It still seems that the prices are lower and with no shipping being tacked on, that is a plus too! But there is that stygma attached to models that are download, that they are not of the quality or detail of the books.

    Price has been a big issue lately, and I do not see in the near future any change. But as pointed is not what you ask for really is what someone is willing to pay. We as consumers do have a voice and if we do not pay what is asked until it gets down to what we feel it is worth we do have some power. The key is communication. Honest opinions based on facts across all of the modeling sites will help us through this high price times.



    The price for berge is 80 PLN at Halinski and oter polish shops.If you count 1$ =3,2PLN it`s about 25$. You have Written 46 $ ? Who take the difference?That is the question.Try to buy directly!
  16. bfam4t6

    bfam4t6 Member

    *first I'm speaking in terms of airplane prices because I have never bought a tank kit so I have nothing to compare the $45 to.

    I have also noticed the increase in prices with Halinski's kits. I personally don't mind. I want as much detail as I can get. Halinski, in my opinion, offers the most detailed kits, so if I have to spend the $10 for the 50 "extra" cockpit pieces then I will. I think of a Halinski kit as a kit that already comes with the photo etched parts and super detailed resin add-ons.

    Think if it this way; You can buy two kits for $10 a piece and spend 10 hours building each one. The kits will look good when finished, but certain things still make them look like paper. Or, you could spend $20 on a Halinski kit that will take you 20 hours to build because of the extra details. In the end you get a very nice looking, often weathered, model. I think a builder's skill level is the main determinnig factor as to whether he will go with the two regular kits or the single very detailed kit.

    Of course this can't go on forever. If Halinski or any company for that matter decides to knock up the price $10 every time they invent a kit with a different enhancement, then eventually they will all be out of my price range. Hopefully though, none of us will have to worry about this ever happing. $20 seems fair for now. (the price of his planes anyways)

    And for Halinski nuts like me, I can't wait for him to release his next set of planes!
  17. cygielski

    cygielski Member

    You can build a Halinski plane in 20 hours????? 8-o
  18. barry

    barry Active Member

    Price difference

    Most of the price hike is due to the postal rates from central Europe I think that is where some make their profit, not that I blame them I don't think anyone will make a million out of card models.
  19. lighthouse

    lighthouse Member

    Price Niveau of Cardmodels

    I guess most Papermodeler did not realize that they were buying papermodels from Poland considerable cheap, artifically cheap, because the price level was still really more a reflection of their communstic history and their poor conditions as well as income levels. Germany, the second largest Paper Model Market had high prices for long time. Although it is not really correct to say high prices, they are only high in respect to what we are used to Polish Models. Nobody makes really money on them. The amount a designer has to put into designing Papermodel is enourmous and it does not pay anything close to the amount of hours put in. I know several designers who are not doing Papermodels anymore because we requires so much more time and do not pay and have switched to designing Plastic models.

    What happen in Poland now, is very simple. With joining the EU and now also soon sharing the Euro as currency, prices in Europe will have to adjust to each other and that has to mean that Polish Publisher are going to charge what is paid in Germany. Germany is for Poland the largest Export market for Papermodels. We here in Northamerica are not really business for them. With the numbers we sell here we are more headache as business.

    This also means for us dealers from here have to even pay higher than our German friends as our amount of issues we buy and sell here, places as also in the smallest margin bracket. If I buy small number I get a very small rebatte. In order to sell at all we have to sell to a lower price then the main German dealers. Just check the website and compare the prices. You will see that our prices here are around 30 % as in Germany. We charge less, we pay more to the publisher because of volume lack and then we still have to add the shipping cost overseas to hear.

    Nevertheless the modeler here speculates what margins the dealer here make. Let me ensure you they are low and if the trend continues it will place most of us out of business, as on top of it Polish dealers are undercutting the prices by directly dilivering to here, as not everybody is calculating the shipping cost.
  20. bfam4t6

    bfam4t6 Member

    Hey Ralf,
    I appreciate you explaining this to us all. I essentially knew nothing about any of that. After reading it though, it makes quite a bit of sense. I truly hope that you do not go out of business. I doubt that you will.

    Hey everyone. Maybe instead of NOT buying the models and waiting for the prices to go down we should buy TONS of models and wait for the suppliers to get a better volume discount ;)

    btw, i still can't smilies to show up in my posts ¿?¿

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