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    Well the old layout was torn apart yesterday,bad planning led to its demise. Does anybody know of a site that talks mostly about types of benchwork, and how to build them?
  2. I'm not personally familiar with any web sites devoted to building bench work, but there are a number of books and magazine articles on the subject. Perhaps the best known is Linn Westcott's Kalmbach book How to Build Benchwork. It's available in LHS's, public libraries, from Walthers, and directly from Kalmbach.
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    I second Casey's recommendation. This is a great book. It gives an overview of the major methods of building benchwork, has lots of very detailed pictures and diagrams telling you exactly how to put it all together and then has some information about how the benchwork integrates with scenery and prototypical trackage. With this book, and a little experience, you can build good benchwork. Heck, even I can build good benchwork with this one!

    Don’t know of any websites that compare to this $12 jewel.

    Good luck, from the ground up.
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    Check page 5 of this forum for a thread titled Benchwork 101. It was started 10/3.

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    I third the recommendation made by Casey. It's an EXCELLENT book.
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    I am the book using it on my new layout. You can't go wrong!!!:)
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    Ditto on what Casey said. I still pull out my old dog eared copy every now then:)

    BTW...If you decide to go with the L-girder constriction as described in that book use 1-1/4" drywall screws instead of the wood screws they reccommend. Makes it go even faster!!:D

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