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  1. Well, I just finished building the bench's for my layout, now to get into the more enjoyable part right?? This may be boring to some, but maby there's another newbie out there who might find this phase interesting. Will post more pictures as I get the inital track laying complete. In the mean time here's a shot of my benchwork... planeshaings :eek:

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  2. kettlestack

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    Not Boring At All


    There is sufficient detail in your photo to show how the most versatile benchwork is put together.
    All too often we modellers who use benchwork like yours takes it as being "self evident".
    I can tell you that in countries which don't have easy access to the multitude of American "How To" books just get stuck in with what they think is needed. Eventually, they have to tear it down because their benchwork simply isn't versatile enough.

    Your benchwork came as a revelation to me when I first saw the method 30 yrs ago. Even today there are thousands of modellers who don't know about it.

    I for one thank you for enlightening those who see yours in here.

  3. shamus

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    Hey planeshavings42

    Good looking frames friend, mine started out just the same as yours.


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  4. bobrien

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    Planeshavings - you post as much as you want to friend. I am sure I speak for lots of people in here who would say that they love to see anything - no matter how 'boring' the sender/poster may think it is.
    We all can learn something new from watching others.

    And Errol - what you say is so the truth. I raced off and built my own benchwork first off without looking up plans and details and using timber I had "laying around".
    Consequence - waaaaay too solid, heavy and quite inadequate for what it should be. Needless to say, turned it into a 'workbench' and am nearly finished mark2 which is the same as Shamus's. :cool:
  5. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    The more posts the better. I almost always learn *at* *least* one thing from all the photos I see.
  6. farmer ron

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    Great looking bench work and room. I stumbled accross a good idea for doing risers. Use 1 x4's, cut a kerf part way up the center with either a table saw or router. When you put your riser on just use a large washer and large flat head screw through the kert and into your cross beam on the layout. This way when you want to adjust your riser all you do is loosen the screw, make the adjustment, then tighten. Takes away the many many many required clamps or trying to take out a fixed screw and trying to put it back in again. Once you get things were you want them just put another, amaller screw, in through both pieces of wood, don't forget to use a pilot hole for this one. Remember that when using power tools always think SAFETY !!!
    Keep the info comming nothing is too boring, we can all learn.
    Again great bench work and room, keep the pic of the progress coming. Ron.
  7. Bill Stone

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    Farmer Ron,

    Excellent idea. That is definitely one I'll use on my new layout.
    The child-bride and I will be in Victoria in a week. Do you promise good weather?
    Don't I wish.....

    Bill S.
  8. Bill Stone

    Bill Stone Member


    Beautiful benchwork..... but (if that's an unfinished ceiling I see) you're going to hate yourself if you don't finish it off BEFORE going any further. Take it from one who made the same mistake.....

    Bill S
  9. rockislandmike

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    One can never promise good weather when you come to Western Canada. One thing we can promise is a great variety in the same.

    It snowed 30+ centimetres (12 inches) in some parts of Alberta yesterday. :D
  10. Tyson Rayles

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    Great looking benchwork! I do agree with Bill, if that ceiling isn't finished that would be my next move.
  11. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    Hey hey. My brother dropped off the digital camera tonight, so prepare for pictures of my recently completed benchwork tomorrow (I've also finished the UP canyon loop - that comment will make more sense tomorrow night when I post the pics) . . . . . . . :D :D :D :D :D
  12. Hey, thanx to all for all the encouraging words, and idea's. I must admit I didn't expect to get that much response from a picture of a bench. I had some time yesterday, so I started the inital laying of the track, and found it quite enjoyable, but much more time consuming than I had immagined. Once it's down, and working, I'll take it up and put down the roadbed, and then get the track rusted and ties painted and then lay the permenant track. Will send pictures, when I get the inital layout down, and then the after shots. Thanx again for all the advise and encouragment.

    AT&SF Duey :) :cool:
  13. bobrien

    bobrien Member

    Planeshavings - no mention of 'that' ceiling being finished :eek:

    You'll be gretting a growling........:rolleyes: :D :D
  14. Unfinished Celing

    I know your right bobrien, but I've done nothing but work on that barn for the last two month's, and am burned out on task, was losing intrest altogether, so have started on layout. Once I have the track down and outlined, I plan to take it up and finish the celing, and then put down roadbed and re-lay track. :D At least that's the plan for the moment. Thanx for your sincere concern, and suggestion. AT&SF Duey.
  15. vanda32547

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    Hello all,

    Here is my problem... I already have a previous layout (4x8) that was started many years ago and it is pretty nice and I would like to keep it intact. Since then I have moved to a new home with an actual "train room" (4th Bedroom) which is 10 x 12. (My wife calls this the junk room at the moment but what does she know LOL)

    What I would like to do is utilize the old layout on one of the walls and build some new extentions on either side for a staging yard, small town or something similar. I guess my question is... should I bother with benchwork or just make it a "self type" extention? Which is prefered by most folks? I have 1 window, a closet and a door to deal with. However, I have 2 solid walls (1 is 10' and the other is 8') and would appreciate any suggestions out there.

  16. fvracer85

    fvracer85 Member

    Bob, If your happy with the 4x8' the answer seems simple to me.....Why start all over if your already pleased with it?
  17. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    Vanda (Bob), Start a thread in the track planning forum. If you can post a drawing or photo of the current track plan and a floor plan of the room with locations of doors, windows etc. and you will get plenty of suggestions wheather you want em' or not! :D

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