Benchmann EZ DCC System

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by prodigy2k7, Dec 20, 2006.

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    When you asked about it in the other forum, I got curious myself, so I went searching.

    I turned up the Bachmann FAQ on this system which might be able to explain some of this stuff to you:

    Hope this helps some, pending replies from those who have used it.
  3. oldtanker

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    You can run up to 3 engines with it as a stand alone system. If you need to run more you have to have a power booster. You can also add one DCC throttle and one DC only throttle.

    I have one, it has served it's purpose by allowing me to try DCC at a nominal cost. In the spring I'm upgrading to a Digitrax system and passing the EZ Command on to my son.

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    the bachmann controller is a very very simplicitic and limited system that just allows you to run trains with basic functions. IT also has one big problem and that is the phono style jack that is used to connect the track to the unit.
    For a beginner this is a good system to get you started in the wonders of model railroading with dcc
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    The Bachman DCC system is a good system for what it is, but it is VERY limited. I have it, and I am upgrading to Digitrax with Radio throttles. The Bachman system cannot program, cannot get hooked up to a computer, cannot have radio throttles, can only have 9 locos, and basically can't do much else. I know from experience that someone who is starting off should get a full featured starter set, the most attractive being the Digitrax Zephyr. It can do all of the programming and operation that the Super Chief can do, its only limitations are 10 locos/ throttles running simultaneously (although it can have the standard 99 or extended 9999 locos), 2.5 amps of power, and only 12 volts of track power, none of which are an issue for a small HO or N setup, and far less limiting than the Bachman system. The Zephyr can be expanded with Radio or walkaround throttles, hooked up to a computer for easier programming, hooked up to signals/ detectors/ turout decoders/ boosters etc.

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