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  1. This is the beguining of a looong thread... As I never tried this before, but it is the logical next step, I should try to design my own model.
    Some time ago I had the idea of making a model of the "Lun" Ekronoplan, but there is not that much information around of this "plane" The shape is rather complicated, for a first go...
    So I figured that I better start off with a simpler plane.; The X-2. I'm pretty sure there's no cardboardmodel around of this one around, and the design is straith forward, not to dificult for a first try. And there's a lot of information available, There's this excellent web-site; and I bought the book"The saga off the X-2" with lots of photo's and background information. It's an interesting plane, the first manned object that went into space..Didn't had a proper landing- gear, so I don't have to worry..
    I'll have to do it in the old-fashion way, because I'm not that good with 3d-programs, and I'm on a Mac, so some of the most used 'unfolding"programs won't run on my computer, but I don't mind..
    I have a 3-way drawing, but it still a bit rough, If anybody knows someting more detailled, I would realy apreciate ..
    Cheers, Billy
  2. I have gathered as much information as I could, and printed-out the 3way view, I have this printerprogram that lets you print posters over 6 or 9 pages but there's no clue what scale it is. I had to recalculated the measurments from inches to centimeters. to make it understandable for a average European guy like me..
    Cheers Billy
  3. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Stupendous! ummm......... are you going to do this picture into a diorama?:twisted: :grin:

    This will be fun to watch, and I hope you plan on releasing the model so it will be fun to build............for us I mean!

  4. MOS95B

    MOS95B Member

    Hoping not to sound like a total doof, but that's a B29 for the launch platform, right? I have that model through FG, and an X2 would look sweet with it!!!
  5. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Close John........... the launch platform was an EB-50............... B-29 re-fitted for purpose...............but the FG B-29 could be modified, and there is a X-1 you can play with as far as re-scaling to match.

    That would make a neat addition to the display case!
  6. I've been thinking the same thing, to convert the FG B29 into this one, which is actualy a B50, I have to figure out the diferences..
    @ Bowdenja ; Offcourse I'll stick it in the parts-bin...probably need some test builders too..
    The diorama is going to occupy most of the diningroom , but I didn't tell the family yet...
    Cheers Billy
  7. rmks2000

    rmks2000 Member

    This is a model I thought was simple enough for even me to design. Unfortunately I've been sitting on the 3-views for two years. Glad you are now designing it. I'll help with the test build if needed.

    Also, have you built the Paper Trade X-3? I just ordered it from Hobby Factory and was wondering if you had any opinions about it.
  8. I've build the Papertrade X3, about 2 years ago, it was not my best build ever, either I rushed it , or it had some severe fitting problems, ..
    Cheers, Billy
  9. 46rob

    46rob Member

    Major difference is the engines--the B-50 used R-4360's as opposed to R-3350's on the B-29. The main thing is to redesign the nacelles for the 'corncobs'.
  10. Thanks, Rob,
    I also remember something about a bigger tail..
    Cheers Billy
  11. Realy like that colors...
  12. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member

    The B-50 did have a larger vertical stabilizer. I have a comparison drawing of the two tails on a CD here. I'll try to locate it.

    The engine nacelles were also changed to accommodate the new powerhouses.
  13. Does anybody know what the colorfull lines on the wing are?, there are some other places on the plane where they appear too..
    Here's a picture of them:
    They seem to be in the same place as the white line going over the 'USAF'
    lettering , as shown on the first pic in this thread.
    Cheers, Billy
  14. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Billy I saw those and wonder about them myself................ maybe they were test stripes for paint durability................. they put stripes down on the interstate highways around here to test which paint formula would be more durable, maybe the same thing was used here.

    Just an thought............or SWAG niether come from actual knowledge:grin:

  15. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member

    Good SWAG John...

    Templaq striping is painted on and used to test at what temps the substance returns to liquid form.

    Based on the placement of the striping on the aircraft, I would think they were using the striping as a way to test the temperatures generated on the various surfaces.

    The above information is based on long suppressed memories and come from the mind of an aging antique still suffering from jet lag. So I could be wrong.
  16. 46rob

    46rob Member

    And since the main purpose of the plane was to test the effects of aerodynamic heating--that's probably correct.
  17. I started with the fuselage, but quickly found out that I should work in a bigger scale, so the errors will be scaled down...
    This one is about 12 inches long
    I also found out that this 3 way view is not that acurate, according to the photo's the X-2 has this round cigar-shape fuselage with two "tunnels" but they can be corrected more easy in a bigger scale
    Cheers, Billy
  18. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Looking good Billy................. and the cool thing is IF someone wants to big the bigger model it's going to be easier to achieve!:grin:

    Just for grins............. are you going to make a two-seater conversion so someone can build the "Space Cowboys" version?

  19. I guess the bigger the scale, the bigger is the mess...
    Cheers, Billy
  20. I glued balsa wood sticks on the edges, so I can figure out the parts for the fuselage..

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