Bell 222 helo

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  1. Has anyone out there built the 222 helicopter? I'm almost finished with my, and decided to scatch build an interior for this kit. I was going to militarize it in Air Force gray, but maybe a nice civilian paint would be nicer to glimse. I torn between the two.

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    The airforce didn't have any 222's as far as I know. There were a lot hospitals that used them for medivac though. It's been a favorite bird of mine since the 80's most are reaching there airframe limit though and coming offline. The Bell 430 is very similar to the 222 outside of the 4 blade rotor/powerplant etc..

    I'd love to see what you've done?

    I had thought of building the helo myself a few times but was waiting for a paint scheme to show up so I could perhaps recolor and know where all the paint is going. I hadn't thought of doing it the 'old fashioned way' by building first and them painting. The model is a nice size to be sure.

    There is of course the Airwolf version as well. A little smaller I think if memory serves. I'd love to see a Blue Thunder too. If there was a Gazelle out there it would be a pretty easy conversion.érospatiale_Gazelle

    Oh and I saw a pretty forlorned Blue Thunder sitting in the back lot at MGM on the Blue Thunder Wiki page.

    I remember going to see that at the theater about 4 times. Those were the days :)

    Good luck with your paint.
  3. Blue Thunder/ 222

    The Air Force scheme would be a what if, to include other goodies. If I could find a gazelle for download I would give it a shot to scatch build a Blue Thunder heli. Alot of flats and angles would make it easier for someone with the talent to flatten out. Hope somebody out there can feed our hunger for this great kit.

  4. Bell 222 Heli

    Couple of 222 photo's for you your enjoyment.

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  5. Not alot room to work with, but without challenge one cannot excellent. I down loaded the Airwolf EWO console. I plan to shrink it to size and scratch build the console. Wish me luck.

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    very nice.. I'm thinking are being taken with a webcam? Most of those don't work well in low light conditions. I think they are built to work in brightness. Great models though.
  7. Thanks Ronson, I took the pictures with a Panasonic SV-AV50 2 mega pixels f=4.5mm. It's a cute little spy cam I travel with. I have remind myself about the light conditons. Have to put them on hold for now, going to the sand box to support Joe's.

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