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    Re: You could build a model of your model

    I second that suggestion. I use the 1/4" foam core board found in WalMart for about $2-3 a sheet. I use a scale of 1/4" = 1" as the foam board then scales out to the thickness 1x4 or 1x6 lumber that I use. Much cheaper than wasting lumber on a plan that won't pan out in the end.
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    I wish I'd have seen this thread 6 mos ago.... It would have been neat to visualize what I'd do with the other half of the layout! Basically one half is the Granite Lake line relocation NP did in '64, and the other half is Coure D'Alene, Idaho. I have a 12' section with just a small yard, a few runarounds, and a paper mill is planned. As for other stuff, I need ideas...
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    What's neat about the foam core is that, because of the 1/4 " scale, you can also mock up the layers of foam you'll eventually use. Use 1/4" graph paper glued with spray adhesive directly to the foam core. Then do your track plan and building locations using the grid.

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