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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by fundamentalman, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. fundamentalman

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    beginner needs some help with scale "North Pole Village"

    I remember when I was a boy my father set up a Christmas tree with a train around the bottom. It, and the lighted Hess trucks that I would get every Christmas were a highlight of Christmastime for me. Now that I have my own kids I would like to set up a train this Christmas. I didn't want to go around the tree but was thinking of a table top winter scene. When I told my wife about it she thought it was cute and started looking at N scale scenery on the internet. Well she found this
    She thinks it is very cute and loves it. But I really had more of a "father son" project in mind with the final results something like

    Has anyone seen the "North Pole Village" in person and can comment on the size? I feel like when comparing it to the N scale train that the buildings look a little large (compared to traditional N scale scenery) and may not work well with the n scale structures I have already accumulated.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on this matter are welcome.
  2. Stuart

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    Nice stuff, but don't leave your wife out.. I have been modeling for 40+ years, married 25 years, she was never intrested in my trains untill I was building my new layout. Her input has been great.

    Yes always nice to do the farther/son stuff but share with the whole family.

    Remember, Enjoy the hobby because we enjoy having you.
  3. fundamentalman

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    Thanks Stuart. That is valuable information I can appreciate. Not much family fun if it is MY project.
  4. BKlein

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    Thats how we got started 5 years ago I wanted a set to go on top of our entertainment center and the LHS had a sale on the Bachman Iron Horse for $30. That engine lasted that season the fake snow got caught in the wheels. The next year bought a new desiel and a couple cars we now have about 12 cars and we bought one of those ceramic villages at an after Christmas sale and spent 3 years around the holidays painting them. Im more into the trains and she likes the village it works great and we both have fun. Plus me and Dad get to go to the train shows :thumb: and we now have a little one on the way and I remember how much fun it was playing with dad and his trains so its only gonna get better

  5. umtrr-author

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    The North Pole Village is of a similar size as the ThorTrains layout you referenced when used with the "Table Top 'N Track" that Micro-Trains / Micro-Seasons sells. It will be more expensive than building your own table top, though-- some would say significantly more expensive.

    The size of the buildings is approximately N Scale based on what I have been told. I have not seen these in person.

    The "North Pole Express" set that MTL/M-S sells is of a better quality than the usual train sets, although again, it's more expensive.

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