begginer rc airplane?

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by Sean M, May 13, 2007.

  1. Sean M

    Sean M New Member

    i am looking for best cheep RC electric airplane i can get.. any suggestions???
  2. linlyons

    linlyons New Member

    airplanes? i haven't the foggiest.gliders? i know a bit more.gentle lady was by far the most popular some years ago.there was a 2x4 that was, i think, sturdier.which is a very good thing in the beginning.
  3. DynoBox

    DynoBox New Member

    The truly cheapest/easiest way is to start with a 2 channel glider - no engine and accessories to mess with. With 2 channels, all you are worrying about is elevator and rudder so it's an awesome way to get your fingers coordinated. Plus with gliders, aerodynamics become very intuitve quickly. Getting into a good thermal field can literally keep you in the air as long as your bladder or batteries last. Really want power? Most local hobby shops have cheap electric kits where everything is ready to go for about $150. These are usually pretty tough crash resistant planes and good to learn on. is a great place to browse because you can watch videos of most of the planes flying before you buy them. Look for the gentle slow flying ones in the vids.Good luck.

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