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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by csxengineer, May 22, 2003.

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    Okay, I'm stressed. I have changed themes of my layout more times than I've changed my socks. I have a 11' X 10' space for N scale. I made a 8' x 10' square with 2' x 8' plywood, which allows a 4' x 6' center but then got tired of the ol duck under to enter. I was able to have larger curves that way, but now I'm contemplating making a giant C to remove the duckunder, but sacrifice the curves.

    Here's what my goal is:
    Shortline railroading in Pittsburgh
    I use Kato since its trouble free and I change it daily
    Nothing bigger than a SD 9
    No cars bigger than a standard hopper
    I dont want a spaghetti bowl of track
    I dont want trains in the same scene twice
    Continuous run, but with a operational plan.
    Single track mainline

    I have read so many books, my eyes are bugging out.

    (Side note)
    I have read alot of posts on THE GAUGE, and am pleasantly suprissed at the quality of people and the possitive support on this site. You are all "good people", nice change in this world.
    Keep it up, and thanks.
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    Well your goals are right on! :cool: However I (and probably some others here) don't know anything about the types of industry (other than maybe steel) that a shortline in that area would serve and this can affect track planning decisions. Also how wide are you going to keep the "C", 24"?? Not trying to give you a hard time, just trying to get a handle on things. :)
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    I had an idea

    Hello CSXE.

    I thought about what your requirements are and I think I have a solution. This would work for HO or N gauge. (for some reason I think your an N gauger) (Isn't CSX N scale?)

    What you would do is build a 1"x 4" shelf 3 inches below the level of the layout table top around the inside of the 'C'. Then you would have your track loop around to the inside edge and descend down a sloped roadbed to the shelf. Then the track runs around the inside of the 'C' and ascends on the other side.

    You could make the board that goes across the back of the 'C' out of a 1"x 6" or a 1"x 8" and this would give you a staging yard.

    You could make the layout table's edge look like a rocky cliff.

    You could make storage tracks that come off the staging area and run under the layout table. This would be a good place to store the trains and rolling stock when the layout was not in use.

    I hope this helps. :)

    You could have 2 tracks running around the inside track. This would give you a lot of options. I have made this quick sketch to give you a better idea of what I mean. The tracks that descend to the secret staging yard would have to be a permanent installation, but you would not have to permanently install the rest of the track right away and you could still experiment with the rest of the layout once the return track was installed.:D :D

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  4. csxengineer

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    train clown nailed it

    That was a great idea, which I'm seriously considering. Benchwork ain't my thing, but I might give it a try.
    Thanks all. Just outta curiosity, Kato makes a 9"+ radius curve. What are my limits with it..(There goes the autorack idea)?
  5. TrainClown

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    Clowny Help

    If you give me the exact dimensions and details of how you want your layout, I can tell you how to accomplish my idea.

    If you want. ;)
  6. csxengineer

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    Your diagram was almost exact, except the two sides (both 2' x 8') went against another 2' x 8' , making the layout 8' x 10'. Thanks again.
  7. TrainClown

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    Somethings Funny?

    So , as I understand your post, you have a 8x2 foot table going across flanked on either side by 8x2 foot tables going up and down. By my thinking, that makes the layout 8x12 foot and not 8x10 foot.

    Also, if you want me to figure out the table alterations I need to know how the tables are put together. Are they just 3/4 inch plywood, or do they have a frame around the edge? How deep is the frame etc.

    Curiosity confused the clown :D
  8. Pitchwife

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    I'm planning the same sort of layout with staging and storage "underground" and I have one recomendation, seperate the shelves by more than 3". Make the spacing wide enough to get your hand in and are able to manuver to correct any problem that occures on that level. Also be sure that you can see what's happening. I would recomend mounting lamps on the "ceiling". Grain of wheat size would be plenty and have them swithed so they are only on when you need them.

    That's my 2 bits worth :)

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