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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by umtrr-author, Jul 16, 2006.

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    I promised myself that I would get a project done from start to finish... something, anything... in 24 hours or less.

    I almost made that.

    This caboose, an Atlas NE-6 for the Monogahela, arrived at the Wilmington and New York Railroad on Saturday via U.S. Postal Service (well, you know what I mean)


    A bit more than 24 hours later, it emerged as the latest addition to the roster.


    I did cheat a little bit and assign this to the 1980's roster of the Wilmington, which consists of stuff that I like that would not fit in 1963. (The NE-6 certainly existed then but the Wilmington couldn't afford one then and was largely making do with wood cabeese, Micro-Trains and MDC models.)

    The herald-- which should look awfully familiar to New York, Ontario and Western fans-- is the W&NY's, but the caboose has been assigned to the Whiteface Mountain Terminal Railway, which was only a "paper subsidiary" by 1976.

    There are other things that have been in the paint shop for many months, but this one was "expedited"... more to come.

    Technical details: Stock Atlas caboose, Micro-Scale decals (O&W Diesels and Cabooses). Monongahela herald removed with Easy Lift Off-- no sweat at all, the lettering comes right off with a few seconds and a little rubbing with a cotton swab (Q-Tip). Extra yellow details done with Accu-Paint. Trucks and couplers kept as is, at least for now.
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    Nice work George.
  3. N Gauger

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    That's Neat, George! :)
  4. Ralph

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    I like it!!!
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    Great stuff...:thumb

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