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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Eric Ferguson, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. Eric Ferguson

    Eric Ferguson Member

    First got an interest in card models when I saw some ships in a British modeling magazine a number of years ago. Wasn't till I got on the internet that I found card models and quite by accident. Even though I have an interest, I've been almost afraid to try one. A friend tells me that I am a perfectionist and do not like failing. (It's true) So I *don't* do things. Afraid that the first one will be a total wreck and will discourage to try more.

    I've *collected* a number of models in quite a few areas of interest. Scattered over many discs (which explains why I can't find a number of them. There's a Bloom County cartoon that fits me that way).

    'Nother reason I haven't started, no place to build OR display them. I make Oscar look like Felix (Odd Couple).

    60 years *young* (in most cases), and am being taught how to sea kayak, and run the friend's 37 foot North Seas Trawler replica (now there would be a good card model!!!!). Been a student pilot many a moon ago, into radio (unused Ham license) and DX'ing (Distant Listening).

    Hmm.... as usual, probably have said too much and there's more to tell. For all that have posted the models I've downloaded (dial up, slow, so usually small files), THANKS!!!!!

    One quick question, Why was TWE banned?

    Thanks fer readin'...... Eric
  2. Maico Shark

    Maico Shark Guest

    Welcome Eric from a fellow Oscar :) I invite you to join me in building & flying some of the straw rockets RFN has posted. As for TWE, I couldn't find anything out so I unbanned him. From what I saw he hasn't posted here since 2007. I can't understand how he could be banned and not appear on the "banned members" list. I'm sure your friend would treasure a model of his trawler. Maybe if you posted some photos one of our resident designers could help you. Anyway I'm glad you came in from the dark and decided to become known to the community.
  3. Retired_for_now

    Retired_for_now New Guy

    Welcome aboard,
  4. Eric Ferguson

    Eric Ferguson Member

    Thanks Maico and Yogi for the comebacks. As to TWE, I saw banned under his name, and he was kind in the comebacks IIRC, answering some questions. Quess I'll have to take some pix of my friends boat, also check into a website for his type of boat. It's a motor/sail combo. One hoot would be to give him a pdf of his boat to print as he is a printer by trade (owner/operator). Mostly small stuff, but he does jobs the *big* guys won't touch.

    Don't know what I can add to the community, but I'll do whatever I can to help. Now, to RFN's rockets... I'll search, get some ink for my printer (Canon Pixma IP1600, not great, but a freebie from a friend) and print. Not the greatest printer as not all the color are *correct* and other little things. Will probably have questions.

    I get wordy, don't I? Eric
  5. Retired_for_now

    Retired_for_now New Guy

    Always happy to help Eric - Yogi
  6. Maico Shark

    Maico Shark Guest

    Well we did have a problem here with over commercialization and had to crack down on it, I'm not sure if woodcarver was caught up in that or not. But, if anyone has something to sell or a service (such as printing etc) to offer our members...we do have an open marketplace forum where they can post. And, of course, there's a link to our advertising sales dept. There is a member who has a model of a trawler but can't place the name at the moment...if I can think of it I'll get back to you.
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