Beautiful RR stn for sale!

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by MasonJar, Feb 22, 2007.

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    The realtor sounded very optimistic that the town council would approve the zoning adjustment, as the person who has made an acceptable offer is aware of the building's significance, and council is anxious to facilitate its preservation. He declined to reveal the intended use, but stressed that it would still be pretty much within the framework of the existing zoning, which is M2 - General Industrial. There is substantial industrial activity to the east of the station, and also a small overhead crane between the station and the homes across the street. It's partially visible in the view of the front of the plow, and appears to be in good condition. While we were waiting for the realtor to show up, a tractor-trailer, loaded with about 40 tons of plate steel, roared by, so we're talking serious industry here.

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    The Volvo/Champion road grader plant is nearby, isn't it? They ship by rail out of Goderich sometimes...
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    wow,thats such a neat station theres one like that out here in bc,its an old cn station down by the docks in new west minster.

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