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  1. Nothing

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    which ever you decide im sure it will be awsome indeed!
  2. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    I dont know if it would be flyable in this configuration or not, but my thoughts were mainly on "lets get the goodies to wurk!" lol

    It will probably take a heluva lot of conversion and trial and error to get 'er flyin... I would love to see it done tho!

    also, as you can see, there arent even many small parts yet, only a few narrow folds to wrestle with.
  3. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    You're really steaming along on this. Looks great Oyl.
  4. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    ok, not much progress on the model side of things, I have spent all yesterday and today as well re-working my design. not really making changes so much, but actually turning it into a 3d design :)

    it isnt solid yet, just a 3d-dwg (which is a big deal for me)... I may have excellent spatial cranial powers, but when it comes to gettin stuff outta my head, I'm just too dam used to drawin FLAT!!!sign1
    anyway, here's a peek
  5. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Hey Oyl, this is lookin' frakkin' awesome!! I like the look of the 3D DWG too. You can see it all coming together now!

    A flying Batwing! Wouldn't that be something!! I'd love to try it, saying that I'd love to do it with the X-Jet too. If I only knew wat I needed to do and had the patience to do it! :)

    Exciting updates here buddy!
  6. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    got most of the upper portion of the hull added in today, all but the back end of it, its goin slow - a lot of trial and error. but the more I get done the faster I'm becoming. I still have no Idea how to solidify the thing or turn it into a mesh yet, but well - one step at a time....:mrgreen: its still nice to be able to move it around and acutally see what it's supposed to look like instead of just imagining it!

    anyway here's how far I got today, prolly the last till the middle of next week or so.
  7. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Looking cool! This is coming along really fast it's great.
  8. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    Amazing! I honestly don't know how you guys do it! BTW Merry Christmas!:thumb:
  9. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    dam do I wish my 'ol grey matter worked as good as it used to... lol

    I spent most of today reading, studying, and experimenting with my new 3d...

    so naturally I started tryin to model my batwing!:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
    after almost the entire day, all I have gotten done is the 4 simple curves for the wing egeswall1:phamr:?::razz::lol::p:???::flush1::genius2::-xhamrhamrhamr

    lol all I can say is 3dstudio is not the same 3dstudio I learned in school all those years ago.............................................

    anyway its kinda fun tryin to re-learn it!
    here's what I've got so far

    and a test output for Pep

    of course I was doing it the hardest possible way, I had to drag all those points into place 1 by 1... I still havent figured out how to surface the splines, so I had to manually create the cones and stretch each part into place over the layout. good practice for now, but daggum annoying...!

    oh well. thats it for now!
  10. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Slow but steady. You're getting there. Plus what you're learning now will come in damnhandy for future models if you intend to tackle them this way. ;)

    I've never used used 3DStudio myself so can't help with that. Sorry.
  11. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    I trained on 3dstudio many,many moons ago. but that was before the Max extension was even added.... I havent used it since then though - lol its much different now.

    Ive used Rhino before and really liked it, but had an opportunity to get Max for less than the usual fortune so I jumped on it... at this point I really miss the rhino interface...:) i'll grow into it though as it goes along!
  12. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

    AutoCad to 3D

    I have watched your thread with interest. I am ignorant of the skills and software needed to go from CAD to 3D to unfolding, etc. I have a design in AutoCAD (Lt) of the Remora, which is the submersible in the Dinotopia series. I drew this from scratch, complete with interior bulkhead details, from the drawings in the book. AutoCAD I can do (or at least, used to be able to do. Like anything you get rusty when you don't use it often)

    I had originally intended to machine a master from solid material, but have since decided to execute the model in card. I think it would give the finished model a more organic look.

    Are the skills needed to go from AutoCad to the card model such that I need to undergo a course of study? I can create all the shapes using standard drafting techniques (old school). In your opinion, am I better off just scratchbuilding the model?

    BTW, beautiful work on the design on the Batwing.

    Merry Christmas
  13. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    all those old-school techniques are how I've always done it so far, the curves and bends can be tricky though, (well painstaking is more like it)

    I have a couple spreadsheets I've worked up to help me out with it, I can send them to you if you like.

    and as far as study goes, the old saying puts it best
    "practice makes perfect!" :mrgreen:
  14. Alcides

    Alcides Member

    As a batman fan I have to say: This is great !!! :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:

    Really I think the coolest scene in the batman movie was the batwing with the moon as background.

    You are doing a great job and yes. The 3d world is really hard. But I think this looks very good

    Looking forward for more !!!
  15. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    I like the way it slides backwards back down into the clouds... that was way cool!
  16. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    cdavenport, if you have a 3dmodel in Autocad .dxf format, it can be opened directly in Pepakura Designer for unfolding to a 2D pattern. Pepakura is fairly inexpensive to register, and not very hard to use. Figuring out the best way to unfold things so they are easy to build and give good results is tougher than learning the software. If you can handle autocad you have all the skills you need.

    If your Autocad model is 2D, like a drafting plan, then you have a lot more work ahead of you.

  17. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    ok, figured out a couple more things over the holidays :mrgreen:

    re-worked the nose as well.

    as far as a 3d mesh goes, its absolutely terrible:cry: its full of gaps and holes, but well, baby steps... wall1
    I'm slowly gettin faster too, i started clean this morning and completely re-did all the nose stuff, there was just so much trial and error at the start (figuring out whats the WRONG way, lol)

    anyway just wanted to show u the new stuff!
    till next time...
  18. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Well it looks just dandy to me. ;) Nice to see it progressing, especially since it's been a busy time and all.

    Shouldn't be too long now before we have some more Batmobiles too. ;)
  19. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper


    (shhh thats Top Secret) lol
  20. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

    Thanks, SJSquirrel. It's a 2D design, but it might be easier for me to translate that into 3D in AutoCAD as opposed to fussing with a 2D design in Pepakura. I think I'll give it try!

    Happy New Year

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