Battlestar Galactica models?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by doc_harvey, Apr 10, 2005.

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    Galactica Update

    OOppps... made a slipup on this update, I discovered a small error with the mid set of LB Arms, ~ only picked it up at the very end. So there are TWO pdo files for the MID section PartA + PartB etc..! there's no part numbers, as most would be familiar with the shapes by now.. sorry getting a bit sloppy, I'll focus and get her finished...


    Points ~ Notes

    Warrior companion way ( bridge between LB's) ~ just noticed, it will have to be attached in the correct sequence or it won't fit? Or was there enough 'give' in the LB's + Arms to fit it in? + No one mentioned ~ the 'slot' it the under Hull 'dome' didn't have flaps in the V1 build ~ does it require any?

    Bays in LB's ~ I've moved the location of the flaps on both end panels of the LB 'caps' ~ Front :- closer to / consistent with the plating. Rear :- to fit the bay in, the flaps will have to be on the 'end panel' ?? I'm concerned the ' rear cap + bay' is going to be an overly delicate part. ? The end panel could be incorporated on to the 'bay' ?? unfortunately that might make a 'fit' issue ?? probably the A/sequence will be important here, let me how this version builds anyway.

    Assemble sequence ~ I'd like an assemble sequence for this V, so I can finish the AG gfx etc..

    Thanks for the help guys

    Current Galactica Files



    All other files/versions redundant.
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    Just wondering if are any scylon robot paper model? not from the new tv show, the old one.
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  4. Gearz

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    Thanks dolphinops.. I didn't ~ that's what I call great reference shots, their a big help. Boy is that guy's work good or WHAT! The rest of the site has plenty of great ref shots as well. ~ Modelnutz7 you might have seen them? there's a few good shots of your PB skiff there as well..

    Sorry Sparda there's a few mesh models out there, haven't seen any card versions as yet, I'll keep an eye out though.
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    Latest beta build results

    Hey Gearz (and other interested parties),

    Here are my latest beta build results. This is for the latest Bridge and LB versions. I'll insert several pictures below. My camera is on vacation with my wife so I'm using my PC camera - sorry about the quality.

    Bridge - assembled as per your guide and all went smoothly except I slipped up and glued 8b and 9b in step three instead of just checking fit. I'd advise adding a trailer there - check the fit into parent parts, but do not glue. Having them glued into place too early made it tougher in step 4. This is more likely to trip up intermediate or experienced builders who pay less attention to the instructions. Novices would likely be more careful.

    Center section, LB arms, LB's Assembly sequence

    o Assembled the main box for the center section.
    o Assembled the LB braces - need to be careful to keep these straight when you glue them - any twist or warp in them tends to get transfered to the finished LB.
    o Assembled LB body and inserted braces. I put a dab of glue at each end of the braces to hold them in position.
    o I then assembled the end caps for the LB's.
    When assembling the end caps that have the landing bay inserts don't glue the bottom until you glue in the landing bay insert as shown here


    Make sure you test fit the insert - the tabs were oversize and needed to be trimmed down to fit properly.
    o Glue the endcaps to the LB arms.
    o Cut and assemble the LB arms
    o Glue the front and rear LB arms into position
    o Glue the "bumps" into position and insert the crosspiece (warrior companion way).
    You should have something like this:
    o Glue the LB into place on one side. Pay attention to which end is which - the crosspiece is towards the front of the ship, the landing bay opening is towards the rear. I wasn't paying attention and glued the LB's on backwards (but at least I did them both the same so they match :roll: )
    o Slide the crosspiece into position and glue the one end.
    o Attach the other LB arm gluing the front and rear arms and crosspice all at once.
    o Using the crosspiece as a guide for the position, glue the center LB arms into place.
    o Voila! The center section is done.

    Comments and gotcha's.

    1 - The only issue I had with the bridge section was the very front - it didn't close up quite cleanly. Very careful fitting and placement of all parts is required to get a good clean fit up front. Other than that the bridge module looks good to me. Seems to be sturdy enough, and the detailing is coming along nicely.
    2 - When I printed the patterns the LB braces at the bottom of pages 1 and 5 got cut off at the bottom.
    3 - A very small piece of the tab at the left end of the second lb arm on page 5 also got cut off.
    4 - The tabs on the LB insert are slightly big as noted above. It's easy to misjudge the size - stress test fitting these in the instructions.
    5 - Also the note from above about gluing LB's on backwards - easy to do if you're me, I'm sure others have the same concern.

    Other comments:

    I'd be curious to hear what others think of the size - The first beta I did seemed a bit too small, this one almost seems a bit too big. The bridge and center section come out at about 16 inches long, so with the engines in place the whole thing would be about 20 inches. If I recall correctly, the first beta came out at about 15 inches overall. Seems to me something in between would be best - say about 18 inch overall.

    Using the sequence above the entire center section went together without a hitch. The LB braces seem to work very well, although as noted any misalignment transfers to the finished LB.

    I'll insert some reference pics in a moment, but your new center LB arms stray from the original design and no longer really match the plastic kit I have. They should be more blocky and less tapered. Also, if you look at the reference shots below you'll notice that the warrior companion way is not a separate piece - it's solid all the way across. I never noticed that on the last build. Not sure if it's important, just something I noticed this time.

    The center LB arms in your current version glue to the top of the LB module. In the earlier version, and in the plastic kit they connect in exactly the same way as the front and rear arms.




    The image below shows the mid and front LB arm. The front is to the right in this photo.

    There you have it. So far so good. I'm looking forward to doing another build of the entire ship.

    Gotta go start a test build of the Aurora now....

  6. Gearz

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    Thanks for the efforts Steve, I can see most of your points, I'll assimilate your report and get to work, think I can cover most of your recommendations. The Bridge nose is a bit worrying I'll have another look at it. Size is no problem, in fact smaller may prove to be easier to build.

    When you have the Op, here's V2 of the Engine module. This little bugger has proved to a bit of a pain. Inline with your suggestions Its been considerably redesigned from the first version. I've sliced the thing a dozen different ways, most of them less than ideal. They all looked great in 3D, practicality ?? I've gone for a version that, hopefully, will be build-able by all skill levels.

    Biggest concerns ~

    To cover a bunch of potential 'shape' problems, the rear panel + engine ports, insert/slides into the casing as a single unit ~ I'm hoping there'll be enough 'give' in the casing to allow the flaps to be glued in place.

    Also, to avoid complex internal bracing to maintain the 'trench', I've converted it into four 'shoulder' parts (upper and lower on both sides) that attach after the casing / form is closed. You'll see my line of thought on the Ag gfx,~ all four parts attach with a combination of interlocking flaps, butt joins and overlaping Panels. The overlapping panels top and bottom are a weird shape ~ they conform to the ducting / piping detail to be added later. Probably require careful pre-shaping test fitting ??? On the Up side, if they work, the module will probably be a solid as a rock.


    Btw If you've just tuned it, or checking back. This model is being developed in collaboration with the fine ppl here at CMnet ~ I'm making the mistakes and the others guys are finding them out. A big thank you to all those that have offered assistance and suggestion. We're not far from completion, after this modules has been test built and corrects incorporated, textures and detail parts will be added and a final release offered here ~ until we find a permanent home for it.

    Current files


    Gal_betaV2mid requires correction.


  7. Gearz

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    Galactica Textures update

    I've abandoned the textures files I was working on, in favour of a variation on jleslie48's suggestion. Thanks to dolphinops link ( Jim Creveling's model) I have reference pix covering most of the Galactica = convert them to 3d textures. So... this is a texture test using the Engine module, definitely looking promising...

  8. dolphinops

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    Glad to be of use.
    It's looking good.

    The Dolphin
  9. doc_harvey

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    AWESOME! Can't wait!
  10. Stev0

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    Wow ... are the maps hi res?? It looks quite good.
  11. Gearz

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    SCREEEEEEEEECCCHH! Just finished watching the series on DVD!

    I've spotted several minor differences that can be altered on the model without a revised version, BUT our beta Bridge module is notably different from the Series version. ~ The side panels = broader and higher up on the form = lower hull shape deeper. ~ The upper hull and nose terminate at considerably different angles to the shape we are working on = The Series model's nose is broader, deeper. Damn! Guess we're not really going for studio accuracy, your call Doc! ~ to minor, or go for V4 ?

    ~ Btb, Steve the warrior companion way is separate.

    Yep Stev0, The textures are looking really nice, most of them Hi-res. With Steve's reference shots of his model and the Creveling shots, I should be able to MacGyver together a Hi-res coat of paint.

    On a different note, I've managed to...errr.. peeve quite a few ppl that aren't members here, by leaving dead links all over the place. I've found a temp home for some models, Its not ideal for a beta build (no external links). Pretty much got my marching orders from my current server anyway, so all of the Galactica beta files will be posted there until its done.

    Galactica Beta Files

  12. doc_harvey

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    Studio accuracy...

    I think that any reasonable facsimile of the Galactica is perfect. I don't think you should worry too much about her being "studio perfect". I'm really excited about seeing the "painted" version.
  13. sjsquirrel

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    Re: Studio Accuracy


    I agree with Doc. Without sitting in front of the TV with it I wouldn't spot the differences.
  14. Gearz

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    Sounds good to me guys.. I was kind of hoping you'd say that.
  15. sjsquirrel

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    Engine Beta V2

    Hey Gearz,

    Here's my notes and recommendations after building the latest engine module. It's kind of frustrating. I actually had to build it 3 times to get something I was reasonably satisfied with and there are still a few rough spots, but I think the adjustments below will take care of them. A picture being worth a whole bunch of words....






    In the picture above I'm thinking something similar to the inserts you have on the LB modules. Just a little something to help stiffen it up.

    That's it for now. Next build will be the whole ship when you have it ready. I'll be busy with other projects in the meantime.


  16. Gearz

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    Excellent! Thanks for all the assistance Steve, I'll just nip off and incorporate the changes, finish the textures and she'll be done.

  17. stagecoach

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    Battlestar Galactica Photos

    Hi Gearz,

    I have been collecting images for years and saving them. Well I just happened to like the old TV series so much that I have downloaded many High Resilution images from a fan site, They contain the main ship in many views, also many Viper images and a Cylon base ship. I also have a photo of a gentleman who is carving the Galactica out of wood. If you are still interested in collecting images let me know. And I could send them out to you.
  18. Gearz

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    Hey John

    Thanks for the offer ~ YES PLEASE! I'm struggling to keep the textures uniform using ref shots I have at the moment ( different sizes, resolutions, oblique angles, different colours etc) So any reference shots of the Galactica I can get my hands on will be a big help.

    I have a great mesh of the TOS Base star that I'm grooming as well ~ So any ref shots of it would also be appreciated.

    Thanks for the assistance John! sent you a PM with contact info.
  19. Gearz

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    I'm sorry the progress on the Galactica has been slow, a whole bunch of stuff is getting in the way. Not to mention the "OOoo.. that's shiny" factor ( potential new subjects ).
    I've set myself a deadline for the end of the month, give or take.
  20. ekuth

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    MUSH! MUSH! No rest for the wicked!~ :wink:

    Really looking forward to this build.

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