Battlestar Galactica & Command & Conquer: Kodiak

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    Hello, everyone! :wave:

    Here I give you the Kodiak from BSG... and C&C! Wait a minute - C&C? How's that possible? Well, it is known that the makers of the new BSG occasionally "borrowed" ships from other franchises, like the Serenity from "Firefly". The Kodiak comes from the game "Command & Conquer", but you can see her in the last episode "Daybreak", floating in the middle of the frame when Hoshi is assigned Admiral of the fleet before the Galactica attacks the Cylon Colony. Obviously there was at least one production staff member who was a big C&C fan and found this ship was "Galactican" enough to be part of the rag-tag fleet. :twisted:

    This ship is seen in only one scene but had an enormous appeal to me. It immediately caught my attention. I didn't know that it was from a game until I read this post:

    The link to the C&C paper model site saved a lot of my time because I was about to make some screenshots to design a paper model of it myself. There's some great stuff available there and I highly recommend having a look at it. :thumb:

    After I had downloaded the pattern, I was a bit disappointed when I saw that the resolution of the pages was very.... VERY.... low (the pages are more of the size of a stamp). HOWEVER, when I printed them in A4 format, they turned out surprisingly well. The colours and textures are great; only some lines and text are a bit blocky and partially blurred (but still within acceptable parameters; you may tweak it a bit according to your wishes with The Gimp though). Nonetheless, the overall appearance is top-notch at this scale.

    I deeply respect the people behind the C&C paper model site. I thank them very much for sharing this model with us, they did a great job with the unfolding, the website and so on. However, it seems that they hired a group of drunken Yodas to write / translate the assembly instructions (NO OFFENCE! ;-) ). So if you assemble this model, just look at the pictures and the numbers of the parts. The written lines are not very helpful.

    The Kodiak is 22,5 cm long and comes with a nice gimmick: the thrusters are posable and rotate within certain limits (if you turn the rear end up the ship may look like a grasshopper). I used some paper clip wire to form the antennas on her back. I will colour the edges and replace the chin guns / antennas at some time (maybe with 0,5 - 1 mm thick plastic tubes). Til then, enjoy the pics! :wave:

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    More pics...

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    and more.... including the "grasshopper"... :mrgreen:

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    ... and the final ones. Have fun!! :wave:

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    Looks like District 9 also borrowed the shape....
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    Sweet! These are the things I am interested in. All the science fiction type of ships and equipment are just aesthetically pleasing to me.

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