Battlestar Galactica: Colonial Shuttle (TOS)

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Martin Saenger, Jul 27, 2008.

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    Where did the design for that "USS Scimitar" come from?
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    It wouldn't be me if I didn't do it the hard way!:rolleyes:
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    I need help. What is the purpose of part 37? I have formed part 36, and from the instructions file and from the photos of the finished shuttle, it seems a simple pipe-with-a-cap-on-it assembly.

    Is part 38 supposed to be recessed inside the pipe (and 37 is printed for the interior side of the pipe)?
  4. Hi RodentMaster,

    glue part 37 into the inside of part 36. Only to strength the edge of part 36. So that part 38 is better to glue. Thats was the idea.

    Greetings from Germany
    Martin Saenger
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    this shuttle was used to transport an emisary to the armistice space station in the RDM series.
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    There are 4 "domes" on the back of the model. I can sort of mentally picture how the paper goes together, but seeing the parts prepped and ready for glue I'm having more problems. So to start with I take the lowest part of the dome (the base) and it has placement tabs that touch the back of the shuttle. However, there's another strip that seems like it goes inside this and provides placement tabs for the next part of the curve.

    Is this right? Do I put the rings inside each other, so that only the tabs stick out?

    As much as I love this model, and as much as it's quite an amazing build, I'm finding the instructions not so intuitive (for me, at least)
  8. Exactly. That way of construction avoids a step between the parts.
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    Okay, I'm at another stumbling point... Need clarification on the two "L" shaped parts on the back. I haven't glued the parts together yet, because I can't tell if they're supposed to go inside the two halves and stick out the square opening, or what. I don't know why it wanted me to cut out the square, but I did.


    EDIT: Oooh, wait, I found this on the first page, photos of the test build:

    I think I know where they go now, but they seem too short. The test build has a few different shapes than the one I downloaded.

    Never mind! Thanks for creating this model! :thumb:
  10. Hi RodentMaster!

    The smaller site of the "L" sharped part are glue on part 61. The position is marked on the top of part 61. The bigger site of the "L" sharped part on part 60.

    The square is only "my" entrance possibility for tools. ( see example picture ) :)


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