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    Languatron & Radiatron

    Hello again!

    Here are two more props from the original BSG which might serve you well during your next weekend trip: the languatron (portable translator), first seen in the pilot episode, and the radiatron (dosimeter) from "War Of The Gods". The models will look a lot more authentic if you use real LEDs and switches.

    The look of the Radiatron can be further improved by adding some slits at the left and the right of the display, pulling some thin tranparent foil through them and so covering the display. You may also decide to use the glowing display which you may get here, too.:mrgreen:

    You may also reinforce the models by adding an internal skeleton or glueing the outer walls to 1 or 2 mm thick cardboard.

    Due to the small size of the greeblies I have not added any tabs to them. You are free to make them yourself if felt necessary.

    Despite the fact that the props look black on screen and pictures I decided to make them dark grey to allow the texture to shine through. If you would like to get a black version, just glue black sheet around the body or use the pattern to trace it on black cardboard.

    When you take a closer look at these futuristic gadgets it is really funny to see how the prop department made them. They recycled PC equipment, ammo clips, calculators. The results looked absolutely convincing and high-tech on screen but every close-up revealed that they made absolutely no sense in reality! You too can clearly see in the series that the actor holding the gadget occasionally activates the switch to give the illusion that the gadget works.:twisted:

    Next in the line are two calculators bound together aka the (leg)board computron. Stay tuned!:wave:

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  2. Rhaven Blaack

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    I have to say that these look FANTASTIC!!!
    These will make a GREAT addition to any BSG (TOS) costume.
  3. OB10

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    That is absurdly cool! I've been liking all the cool BSG paper models I've been seeing here, and looking forward to more, and these didn't even occur to me... and I made one from plastic a few years ago! :thumb:

    Looking good, and thanks! It's good to be reminded that not all props are necessarily difficult to build.
  4. Revell-Fan

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    Languatron & Radiatron, new paint schemes

    I thought about the option to use black paper for the Languatron and Radiatron and decided to make life a bit easier for you. So here comes a black variant of the two. I have also added some "light" to the LEDs.
    EDIT: Due to an export error the kits were removed and will be replaced with a revised version which will be available in this thread.
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    And here is the legboard. I am veeery pleased with this one. I haven't built it yet, but I am sure that it might fool some people by making them believe that the calculators are real! ;-) As with the props before the board might look even better if you use real LEDs. And don't forget to add some internal supports. You may build six variants (LEDs inside / outside, with / without end cap, LEDs texture only).

    Well then, I guess there is only one item left which is essential to any Colonial Warrior. Something that's been in the works for quite some time... And I don't mean the costume..! Stay tuned and have fun! :twisted::wave::thumb:
    EDIT: Due to an export error the kit was removed and will be replaced with a revised version later in this thread.
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    You have done an OUTSTANDING job on this as well!!!
    Just as it is alone, it looks FANTASTIC!!!
    Of course tricking it out with LED's would really make it pop.
    Keep up the GREAT work!!!
  7. Revell-Fan

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    A small edit: The flaps on the upper and lower side of the legboard calculators are a bit too wide. I have revised them and replaced the file in the post above. If you have downloaded the file before this edit you will have to cut the flaps a bit shorter to be able to bend the black rims around the corners. Or just download the corrected file and delete the previous one. CU!:wave:

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    Thanks, buddy! Glad you like it. CU with the TFs!!! :thumb::thumb::thumb:
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    Legboard, Languatron & Radiatron: revision

    Sorry for the delay but I had some PC trouble.

    Dear fellow warriors, unfortunately the same flegercarb that happened to the Solinite charges happened to the Legboard, Languatron and the Radiatron: Somehow the proportions of the models were messed up during the *.svg export. The LEDs came out twice as big and the dimensions of the devices are not correct. So I ask you not to download or even build the previous versions but the revisions below (trust me, you won't be happy with the first files, so I removed what I could from the previous posts). I have checked everything again and hope that this mishap does not happen again.

    However there is one BIG plus which compensates for all the trouble: The revision gave me the opportunity to accurize the shape and colour and to prepare all parts for the variants seen in the show. So you may build two versions of the Languatron and four versions of the Radiatron. The layout was optimised, too, so that you save paper and ink.

    And here is some info on the devices:

    The Languatron is used as a portable translator and premiers in the pilot episode when Apollo is brought before Lotay, Queen of the Ovions. The Computron can be seen in the pilot, too, when Apollo tries to cheer up Boxey on the Rising Star and when Starbuck speaks with Cassie in the shuttle. Funny note: Dirk Benedict presses the switch multiple times to make the lights flash to pretend that the device works on its own.

    The Radiatron comes with more greeblies. If you build it without the greeblies you get the Medical Scanner used by Dr Salik in "Fire In Space" when he checks Cr Adama's vital conditions after the Cylon Raider has crashed into the bridge. Virtually identical are the Communicator and the Voice Recorder used by Starbuck and Apollo in "Experiment in Terra". Oh yes, and there is a white "Ship of Lights" version. Last but not least there is the Colonial Transponder transmitter used by Starbuck and Apollo on their Cylon Raider in "The Hand of God". The LEDs in all Radiatrons are hidden inside the main board, so they are not included in the plans any longer. If you want to emulate the blinking scheme take a look at the attached *.gif file.

    You see that this device is very versatile and highly adaptive, similar to the Tricorder in Star Trek. However, how the operator understands its readings remains a mystery. It just flashes, the display always shows the same image. Maybe it communicates telepathically...

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  10. Revell-Fan

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    Size and size comparisons

    I have found out that the most difficult step in designing these props is to determine the actual size of the models. In many cases such as Count Iblis' medal and the hand-held gadgets I have to "guesstimate" their size from images and known objects seen in their vicinity. I started with the blaster which has an approximate length of 30 cm and then estimated the size of the black Solinite charge and the marker. The red light on the black Solinite charge was used to determine the size of the silver Solinite charge. I then used the marker to find out the size of the Radiatron, and from this I went on to the Languatron and then back to Iblis' medal. It's interesting to see how it comes all together.

    The only thing I have exact dimensions of is the legboard. Everything else is a guess. So if you think that one of the items should be a bit larger or smaller feel free to re-scale it.

    Phew, that's it for now! Have fun and enjoy. CU with ... the Blaster!:thumb::wave::twisted:
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  13. Revell-Fan

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    Thank you very much for this!!! I've been looking for specs of the Cargo Sled for months!!!! :inw:

    And the episode was "Return of the Fighting 69" starring Peter "Mission: Impossible" Graves!

    Well, I guess I know what to build next..!:twisted:
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    Wonderfull -very useful Cargo Sled plan too
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    Cylon Pistol

    Hi, fans!

    I thought that the enemies of the Colonial fleet would need a match for the Colonial Blaster and here it is: the Cylon Pistol. Okay, the weapon was introduced in "Galactica: 1980", but hey, it's CYLON! :twisted:

    I used some excellent photos of the original prop for reference. Fortunately the pics featured a ruler which made it very easy to determine the correct dimensions of the gun, so the main uncertainty factor was eliminated when I begun working on it (the size). According to these pics and an item description from ebay the finished model is about 13.5" long. This model is not only another prop but another addition to my growing blaster collection (blaster #5). Since I have similar excellent pics and close-ups of the Cylon rifle and the sword I have put them on my todo list, too. I have sent my good friend Rhaven the plans and asked him to test this model before it is submitted to the Cylon download section. Stay tuned! :wave:

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    By Your Command

    bounce7 Yes Sir I'm jumping for joy over this one. bounce7 Another excellent one by the modeling man Revell-Fan. Will be a great addition to the Galactica collection. Thank you very much Sir!!!
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  18. Revell-Fan

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  19. Rhaven Blaack

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    Thank you for the compliment.
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    Pyramid Card Game - revision

    Hello, everyone!

    You might have noticed that the Pyramid files from post #21 have been deleted. This was done for a very good reason. When I begun working on the cards I searched the web to find out if a Pyramid card game had already been released. Unfortunately my research didn't indicate that the game was copyrighted in 1980. When I released it I unintentionally infringed that copyright by not referring to the copyright holder ICL / gkrsoft and the official website .

    Last week I was contacted by the copyright holder of the Pyramid Card Game. He asked me to remove the previous files because of the missing credits. I couldn't believe that such a grave mistake had happened. I explained to him how and why that happened. He accepted my apology and granted me permission to release a new set of cards, this time with proper credit and revised layout.

    I am very relieved that gkrsoft informed me about my mistake. If I had known that there was a copyright holder I would have credited him and would have asked him for approval before anything had been released. This is standard procedure when I make a new model and the reason why the release of some of my kits may take a while (see the Thunderfighter add-ons and the LEGO Cylon Centurion). To me this is more than a simple act of politeness, it is a matter of honour and respect. In this case, it somehow eluded me and I am still very sorry about it. All I can say is that I will be even more careful when I release a new model to make sure that this won't happen again.

    Well then, gkrsoft gave me his kind permission to release a new deck of cards so that everyone of you may continue enjoying the Pyramid Card Game. And here are the new files, this time with proper credit and reference to the official website containing the rules ( ).

    All I ask you is to discard the previous files and replace them by the revisions. Please do not use or print the first files any more and use the new ones instead. I'm sorry for any inconveniences. Thank you very much.

    Bye! :wave:

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