Batman Begins

Discussion in 'Everything else' started by ARMORMAN, Jun 18, 2005.


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    Just saw the movie. They finally got it right.

  2. NYC Irish

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    Based on the trashing that a great card model supplier and the people who are trying to help the complainer are recieving on another site for not having a contact us button, boy are you lucky you posted your opinion here... :shock: :shock:

    On a model note, I have seen glimpses of the Bat Mobile and it looks like a fun card project...The Wheels off Jans Aliens APC would look decent right?

    John John
  3. Ashrunner

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    Having gotten so sick of the ridiculously boring dialog, inept acting and way over-the-top special effects of the trashy third episode of Star Wars and almost walking out halfway through (was told by the person I was with it would get didn't), I am now very leary of any movie containing any computer generated special effects.

    I enjoyed the first Batman. Michael Keaton has a darkside which fit the Batman persona a heck of a lot better than that dweeb actor who played Anikin Skywalker.

    Out of curiousity, what about the movie (without giving away the plot) makes you say "They finally got it right."?

    ARMORMAN Guest

    It's about the character, not the toys (biggest gripe I've had about the movies - even the Tim Burton ones). The cast and writing were excellent. The reasoning behind everything made sense. A must see.
  5. Ashrunner

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    Cool...sounds good
  6. NYC Irish

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    totally agree...Ill pay for you to see it Ashrunner,
    My treat for having to see Ep III...Attack of the Dawsons Creek Rejects

    John John
  7. Ashrunner

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    The funny thing about seeing Ep III was it was the first of any of the Star Wars movies I saw on the big screen. When the first three episodes (4, 5 and 6) came out, I was in the military and would be reassigned before the movie would make it to where I was stationed, and by the time I made the transfer, it wasn't playing at my new assignment.

    I mentioned that to my friend I went with and his reply was, "You have to see Star Wars movies on the big screen. That's how Lucas made them." I said, "I just hate breaking tradition." What a mistake. Someone was getting even with me. heheh

    Oddly enough, when the first movie came out in the late 70s, whenever it was, I was in Italy at the time. However, everyone who transfered in after the movie released who I talked to, told me about the movie. When I left Italy in 1979, I could tell you everything you needed to know, including most of the dialog having never seen the movie.

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