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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by UncleJim, Dec 19, 2006.

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    I am a newbie and need a little help. I am going to be setting up a simple layout for my nephew this Christmas. It is three-track O27-gauge. I want to wire a simple layout in blocks (classic/traditional method) that will allow me to run and control two trains simultaneously (using two controllers). I have a good book that explains how to wire the track (Wiring Your Toy Train Layout by Peter Riddle). He explains how to wire each block using SPST toggle switches to turn each track block on and off. I found another article on the internet that suggests using Atlas's Selectors to control each block. An Atlas Selector is basically 4 SPDT switches all ganged together. I like the looks of the Atlas Selector but am worried it might be the wrong switch for my layout. I've read that there is a big difference between wiring an AC layout vs. a DC layout. My layout is AC and I'm wondering if the internet article I read is referring to a DC layout because it suggested using the Atlas Selector (SPDT switches). I want to be sure I buy the right electrical components for my layout so maybe I should forget about the Atlas Selector and use individual SPST switches like my book explains. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. One more thought... Atlas also makes an Atlas Connector (basically 3 SPST switches all ganged together). Has anybody used this switch and could I use it instead of individual SPST switches in my layout? Thanks.
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    I have the Atlas stuff on my N scale layout...I think its great for the inexperienced model electrician. If you're comfortable with your knowledge of wiring, I recommend SPDT switches for appearance and economics, the Atlas ones have a certain immovable industrial look about them that doesn't make for a clean looking panel as you can see in the picture.

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    The only worry I would have about the Atlas is whether they can handle the current draw of O gauge. Some trains may draw up to 5 amps. Can you check the packaging to see what they're rated at? Unfortunately, most of the rest of the Atlas components are designed for 2 rail and won't do anything for you.
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    OOOOoooooo, you're right, David...I forgot about the amp munching qualities of O27:oops: :thumb:

    SPDTs would be the only way to go for safety's sake.
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    It might be alittle more complex for a biginner. Here's my block and switch track controller. It is connected my a 25 PIN parrellel port connector. The samething that older printers used.


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