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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by yoda_ab_ca, Apr 28, 2003.

  1. yoda_ab_ca

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    Hi guys, I'm sure somebody here can help me out.

    I recently routed a 1/32 slot car track out of some styrofoam insulation(the denser stuff,usually pink or blue in color),and I cut out a section that I had planed to add a small stream and a pond.

    I mounted the foam on top af a thicker sheet of foam so I am thinking I'll need to glue someting on top of the foam before I start.

    The product from Woodland Scenics(I think thats what they are called),seem to be sold most everywhere here so thats probably what I'll be using.Unless somebody else has an alternative solution.

    I guess I'll start asking away here when A question comes to mind.
    What is a good surface to use?
    What kind of paint should I use to color the water?

    I also noticed that people have added rocks along the edges which looks like a great idea.

    Do these rocks get glues into place first or does the water hold them in place without moving them about?
    How thick is the water usually poured to get a good result?

    I also noticed at the hobby store something that looks like long grass that one might find in a pond.Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this stuff to stand up in the water?

    That's all I can tink of right now.I hope someone can give me some help here.

  2. 1st off rong section just kidding its no problem. um i would say nything is a good suface as long as it is a clean one and i think the rocks are held inplace by the water but u should glue them into place befor cause if one falls in and u try to move it :eek: i hope this helps i dont know if it did
  3. Gary Pfeil

    Gary Pfeil Active Member

    Dwayne, There are several ways to go about this, this is one. For the water, I like to use a product called Envirotex. I buy it at the local lumberyard. It is a two part liquid epoxy. It does not attack the standard insulation foam I use (the blue panels). For color, it depends on the body of water you are trying to simulate. For deep water I use Permanent Hooker Green. Along the shoreline, I use Raw Umber. These are both artist acrylic tube paints. Any details you want along the shore such as rocks should be glued in place prior to pouring the water. Good luck.

  4. pcentral

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    Hi Dwayne,
    Welcome to the Gauge. I have used Woodland Scenics EZ Water(the crystals you melt type) before so I will comment on that. I painted the bottom of the area first and would glue in any details around the edges before the water. The grasses I pushed into the water before it set up. As far as depth of water, most people recommend 1/4". I would think if you painted the area before pouring the water it would not hurt the foam but I don't know for sure. Steve
  5. yoda_ab_ca

    yoda_ab_ca New Member

    Thanks for the advice so far guys.
    Does it matter what kind of paint I use?I was thinking of using some cheap acrylic stuff ,because it's available in smaller amounts.I don't want to buy 3 larger cans of paint that I'll never use.


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